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Bugs and Problems

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    Bugs and Problems

    This is my personal buglist / problemlist

    - sometimes i have to make system settings twice. i press "apply" and nothing is changed.
    - at the beginning of every match the doors dont move. The animation ist gone.
    - with shadows on the game feels different
    - very 100th AR is still empty
    - sometimes at "fast base build mode" i cant build for a few seconds.
    - vsync ingame=on and fps=unlimited wont work at fullscreen. I have to set the nvidia driver to vsync=on
    - rocketlauncher is win-win, scar is less win-win and too strong in the hands of full shielded players
    - view distance is set to epic, but bushes and other objects are still popping on/off
    - the old jump pads are still useless
    - no one uses the new smoke granades on solo play
    - bush is too rare. The bushview is the most annoying part.
    - SMGs are useless - except the new one for the first 30 seconds.
    - Most of the time i am switching between the slots 1-6
    - sometimes the height of the wall you can build is way too small (at example south of salty springs)
    - no real 21:9 mode. the screen is cut-off

    - i hope the xp level bar 1-100 will not be reseted?

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    And finaly: there is no backup function and i have trouble to download patches at 2-3gb with my ancient dsl line. The fortnite team seems to have 1gig fiberline from google?


      Still empty AR´s
      Still invisible Slots.
      Still "i cant build for a few Seconds"

      Performance is fine. No lags.