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Any tips to get that W


Any tips to get that W

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    Any tips to get that W

    Consistently getting down to the last 10 but always struggle to get the win, any tips and how to improve my end game

    If your playing solo, winning is not an easy, my advice would be play the circle so stay to the edge and move with it rather than getting in the middle where you can be shot from all angles.
    The games i have won have been moving as late as possible careful not to take circle damage.

    Another big thing i found for me is only building when absolutely necessary as it gives away your position, using the houses, huts, trees etc already in the game is as good a cover, not knowing where the enemy is is far more intimating to me than 3 story base.
    A base a lot of the time is a big beacon to say "i'm over here", when the chances are you will have to move to the circle at some point rendering it useless. remember the last point as this can work for you if you say a base and don't have rockets, can you wait for them to come out due to the circle and position yourself to ambush them ?

    Good luck, remember you can't win them all


      Honestly? Find an RPG and a sniper...

      End Game always seems to come down to Big Bangs and Long shots, at least in my experience.

      Once in a while there's a firefight, since people try and rush the tower that's in the tiny circle, but not as often as you'd think (not that being cautious is a bad thing, just really common late game).

      Not sure if that's much help, but just my experiences.


        Another tip is DO NOT run while standing as it produces a very noticeable trail of dust behind your player. Only run when standing up when you absolutely need to get away from something.

        Instead, run while crouching. It may seem like a very reduced speed but it is nearly the same as if you were standing up just reduced by a few seconds... plus the trail of dust created behind your player is largely reduced as well meaning you are not that easy to spot.

        Also, when going into big cities always crouch and walk near walls and never be out in the open. Always shut doors behind you so if an enemy opens it you have an early audio cue that someone is approaching your location.
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          Cheers for the tips, will jump on and play tonight using these and hopefully get my first win. I've finished top 10 18 times and 3rd or 2nd 5 or 6 times but not managed to get the win yet