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Question about Fortnite Classes!


Question about Fortnite Classes!

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    Question about Fortnite Classes!

    Hello I just recently bought Fornite 2 days ago and its really fun. But once it brings me towards the skill trees and the hero quest it gets me a bit confused.

    I currently unlocked Ninja since It looked cool but Im not sure if I should upgrade my heroes with my hero xp or I should just leave them and save for a better one.

    Missions do say i need 5 Lightning bolts or whatever but I currently only have 3. Tips would be amazing!

    u get lightning bolts later in the game
    the progress is like
    stonewood (map 1) hero lvl 10-20....evolution item raindrop
    plankerton (map2) 20-30......evolution item lightning
    canny valley (map3) 30-40......evolution item storm eye
    twin peaks (map4)40-50......evolution item storm shard

    btw u need a skill from tree to evolve a hero,every tree has 1 and opens the next 10 level
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      Actually, I think he's talking about the power level indicator- he did say it was missions telling him he needed it.

      olleJ, When you're in your main menu, you'll see a number next to a lightning bolt in the upper left hand corner- that's your general power level- You want to stick to missions around the same level- too much higher and youll have difficulty fighting the mobs, too much lower and you wont get any Commander XP (which is how you earn Skill Points to unlock things like Evolutions, etc...)
      When you're in a group, you get a boost from your teammates, so this number will go up when you're teamed, making it easier to take on higher levels.

      As far as spending Hero XP goes, theres an unlimited amount of it to earn (granted it might come slowly sometimes), so don't feel the need to hoard it for someone 'better'- try out a few different Heroes and see who matches your playstyle. If it turns out you don't like them, you can always Retire them later and get back most of the XP you've put into them. You won't get back any 'Evolution Materials' (Drops of Rain, etc) if you've evolved them past 1-Star, so you might want to be careful about that. Then again, you should be a good bit from when you get that ability yet, and with the current Mutant Storms event, Drops of Rain are fairly easy to farm...


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        Thanks alot for the help, Yeah that is what i was talking about the power. My current power is at 4 Homebase power and My mission is telling me to do one that is 9. I kinda like playing solo right now since my friends arent on, but I dont think i can do a level 9 one. Is there any way I can upgrade my homebase power? I have added some defenders to my kit to raise my power from 2 to 4 so Im a bit stuck right now.


        no clue how to tag peoples names on the forums :)

      the answer is in your question defend the homebase