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Looking for Friends & Introducing myself


Looking for Friends & Introducing myself

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    Looking for Friends & Introducing myself

    Hello Everyone.

    My nickname is either Fredrico or John, Real name will be hidden but it's related to John
    Age 19 will be 20 in 6 days. <July 26th>
    Born and Live in UAE ( United Arab Emirates), Abu Dhabi. Time Zone UTC+04:00 ( but no worried, i'm on Summer vacation and i don't sleep very early so i can still play late at night and with you ).
    Nationality Jordan
    Platform will be both Pc ~ Ps4

    Voice Chat can only Skype. why not discord ? why technical issues that cant be solved.
    Ps4 chat system i don't mind.

    I'm completely new to Fortnite Super Deluxe Edition will upgrade to Limited Edition. when it's released or when i can.

    Epic Games ID is AkumaNoKishi
    Ps4 ID is X AbuSaleh
    Facebook is Fredrico Knight / Nickname in FB is "Thresh The Chain Warden" ( from League of Legends :P )

    Thanks for reading and have a good day :).

    Best Regards
    Fredrico IKA John

    Welcome :D


      Welcome, you can add me on epic launcher or in game...


      • AkumaNoKishiX commented
        Editing a comment
        well sure. but what is the ID ?

      Welcome fellow player.