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Resource Farming and Management Guide

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    Resource Farming and Management Guide

    I recently found myself typing entirely too much in a response to resourcing
    So I'm re-purposing my wall of text into a guide format, hopefully it helps.
    I have played in alpha and have seen the resourcing complaint for months.
    Special note: I never play outlander and yet, I have no trouble with resources.

    Resource management is PART OF THE GAME.
    In alpha, they made changes to this to make it easy and it KILLED THE GAME.
    Nobody ever did things, etc... you need resource sinks to keep the game moving and flowing.

    Although it IS frustrating if you don't know what you are doing...
    So here is this guide so you can up your resource game.
    xx1 - Pickax
    xx2 - Supply Drop
    xx3 - Efficiency
    xx4 - All 4 me, is bad 4 you
    xx5 - Supply Runs?
    xx6 - Material Banking
    xx7 - Material Savings
    xx8 - Expeditions
    xx9 - 999 / 999 / 999 is doing it wrong

    I feel like people aren't resourcing smart enough, and it's showing in frustration and time wasting. This translates into them never wanting to spend resources and forever staying at 999 "just in case". But this hurts the community because there are only ever a select few that take it upon themselves to build the objective (or in most cases, over-build) and now they are hurting for supplies, so they go out and farm, wasting MORE time. Let's just have a quick sit down and discuss how you can never hurt for resources again, like me and many others.

    Using resources smartly saves time and frustration for EVERYONE.
    So let's start off simple
    xx1 - Pickax: Harvesting Tool
    This is your trusty tool, your weapon against resource draining activities.
    Upgrade it at EVERY chance, as it adds damage to every swing, therefore saving time, which means MORE resources in less time.
    Pick up the upgrades in the skill trees, one is in main branch, down the middle, the other is in the Outlander branch, below the middle.
    By the time you get both upgrades in skill tree 3, you do 100 damage a swing! 200 on weakpoints~

    Early warning!
    For many reasons, when you go to a lower rated area, your pickax level decreases to match the level of area.

    Get the most out of your resourcing: Go Big!
    - Go for the big things!!! Swing for the big trees, the huge boulders, the oversized trucks!
    - The bigger the hp pool on an item, the more materials it will reward. Don't waste time with small things.

    - You see those big piles of wood/bricks/metal? PICK THEM UP. Use your "E" key to collect them.
    - They award materials with no swings of the pickax and are fast cash-ins on materials.
    - Don't pickax these piles, you get way less materials!

    How to save more time:
    - Get good at the weak point mini game.
    - Hitting the weak point target gives you DOUBLE damage to that swing, saving more time.
    - for some people, working on 2 things at same time lets you hit weak point easier... try it.
    - Use the "work, work" support skill listed below, to give any class bonus pickax damage.

    Outlanders get even more damage.
    - ALL Outlanders have a personal perk called "in the zone" giving them 24% more damage to pickax.
    - Certain Outlanders have another personal perk called "deep in the zone" Giving them even more damage to pickax.
    - "Pathfinder" Outlanders give a support perk: "work, work" adding more damage to pickax (12%/18%/24%).
    - Use anti-material charge to blast a target to smithereens, saving tons of time and collecting the mats in one move.

    - For some reason, Shuriken Sarah, with her ability damage support perk, gives you more damage to pickax (10%/15%/20%)
    - dunno if that last one is bug or just a hidden bonus for those who notice... probably a bug, use it while it's here~
    xx2 - Supply Drop
    The supply drop gadget is your best friend.
    With a 330 second cool down (that's 5mins 30secs) you can save tons of time.

    Early Warning: be sure to open the box, or it will poof in a few seconds without awarding mats
    (this is because you can stand on the box or even stack it, causing abuse)

    Another Warning: you cannot drop the supply drop in your storm shield BEFORE you start the waves
    (this is to prevent abuse as you might imagine the botting that would happen)

    - That means, in a 20 minute mission like build the radar, you can drop it 3 times.
    - That's 60/60/60 materials every time. 180 mats free in just 17 minutes~.
    - There is no cool-down upgrade in the skill trees as of right now. But there is upgrades.
    - You can upgrade to give 5 materials more per drop, that's now 65/65/65 = 195.
    - The next upgrade is 15 more wood, so 80/65/65, the next is 15 more brick, and so on.
    - After you upgrade the supply drop, it drops crafting materials too, like nuts and bolts
    - The box can drop ammo too (after the 1st upgrade) which is my favorite result.

    This saves IMMENSE amounts of time in missions where you build on an objective.
    - While you are building you can keep dropping resources instead of running around.
    - If you are full, you can drop it for someone else, just let them know. (constructors will love you)
    - An easy way to cap off your mats before end of the mission, you can drop during the defense waves.
    - This gadget is a free 180+ mats per mission, easy. That's 540 mats in 3 of the 20min missions like rescue.
    xx3 - Efficiency
    Your materials are a resource. You should use them wisely.
    - Why go through all this trouble to farm and bank resources if you just blow it all.
    - Overbuilding is not always bad, but learn where you can cut back on spending.
    - You don't always need floors or ceilings, for example...

    Funneling saves you materials.
    - A funnel can save you tons of building, push everything to 1 or 2 choke points.
    - Go check out a funneling guide, but just know that the magic number is 3 tiles.
    - It also lets you concentrate traps, instead of spreading them out, saving you from crafting more.
    - Be sure to build so you can spot and deal with the propane tank exploders BEFORE they get in.

    Other Tips
    - while building ramps to maneuver on the map, use what you have most of.
    - be sure to wait for the storm forecast to see what element you are dealing with
    - this way, you don't build metal against nature enemies and watch as everything falls
    - build things out of wood if you know it won't be attacked or damaged. (I do this with my walldart walls.)
    - if a wall is blocking your view, don't destroy it, edit it lower or put in a window, this way you can reverse it fast.
    - if stairs or a ceiling/floor is letting husks in, just edit it so it's not, it's faster and let's you restore it later if needed.
    xx4 - All 4 me, is actually bad 4 you.
    The mentality of all for me just doesn't work well in this game. If you are full, share your materials.
    This saves YOU time because now your teammate isn't wasting your time resourcing instead of the mission.
    Especially if you have supply drop or are an outlander, you NEED to be sharing, or the class/gadget is wasted on you.

    Outlander special note:
    - For llamas, don't try to break them alone...
    - That's just wasteful if you don't finish the HP and don't break it open. You LOSE out.
    - Run over to a teammate and break it together!
    - If you actually destroy the llama before it expires, you get bonus materials and a crafting material like bolts
    - If you open a llama and are now full and leave materials behind, mark the spot with a map marker.
    - This way, you can come back later to resupply or others can pick up your leftovers.
    - Or even better, destroy llamas at the point where you need to build, this way there is a pile of mats there.

    If you are 999 and are dropping materials due to overflow, you are wasting materials.
    - If you want to argue that you can pick those materials up later, that just wastes MASSIVE amounts of time.
    - Drop off a pile of materials somewhere first, instead of dropping materials on ground and retrieving later.
    - Go to the shelter/bomb launcher/Atlas and drop off materials, could be 200 or even 999.
    - This way, people can build as you go explore and resource.
    - Especially if you read this guide and are better at resourcing than them.

    Key factors to sharing materials:
    - Give materials to a constructor so they can build for less cost and not have to run around SLOWLY resourcing.
    - Drop piles of materials if you are full, let your team know you did so it's not wasted.
    - ESPECIALLY if you not building or contributing much to objective.
    - You can always pick them up later if unused, mark them with a map marker.
    - Drop off ammo if you are max, this saves them bolts and metal.
    - Trade ammo types if you aren't up to donating. Trade your light for the medium you need.
    - Trade material types if you are max on one and not another, or ammo for mats. w/e.
    - Trade guns or traps for mats/ammo. I'd gladly give a legendary gun/trap for materials i need.

    Sharing and trading makes this game MUCH less time wasting. Try it.
    xx5 - Supply Runs? Why?Just play the game.
    IF you reallllly need to, go on a supply run.
    - I don't recommend it, because it actually wastes time.
    - You should multitask instead. Go do a timed mission like Rescue Survivors or Clear Encampments.
    - Resource as you go about the mission. Go to Industrial park and pick up the PILES of materials lying around.

    - This way you can do the minimum 6 survivors or 5 encampments and still get the CLEAR rewards.
    - Instead of bailing out and getting zero exp and rewards like a lot of people mistakenly do.
    - I mean you could do bail out, but why? You could be getting rewards like Rain Drops at the same time.
    - Go run 3 easy rescues instead. You get 3 clear rewards, possibly rain drops, and you get to resource same time.
    - an added benefit, if you 999 on a material during these runs, drop off some at storm shield in between runs.

    - craft the ammo you are low on during these runs
    - max out on wood/metal, then craft stacks of ammo. resupply. Farm bolts always.
    - don't max your ammo though, you could find an ammo supply and waste ammo.
    (Continued in next post)
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    xx6 - Material Banking
    Save up. Use that storm shield storage.
    - Bank your resources for a rainy day.
    - Unlike your backpack, it can store STACKS of resources.

    - if you are 999 on every material, take a trip to storage and drop off some. NOT ALL.
    - Don't drop off the entire stack of 999, you'll be hurting on your next mission. Drop off half.
    - This way, when you are messing around in your base, you have access to 1000's of mats.
    - I currently have 5 stacks of every material in my storage. that's 5000 of each mat.
    - I don't waste storm shield storage on things i can just as easily hold in my backpack instead.
    - I store ammo stacks, like energy ammo and light ammo, things i burn during defenses.

    When you help someone in their own shield defense, you can access YOUR storage.
    - Yes, their computer console at THEIR base, accesses YOUR storage. Try it.
    - When you help someone defend, drop off materials if you are 999 in backpack.
    - I personally drop off half of every mat when I'm there.
    - Also, if it's an easy defense, bring supply drop, you can drop it a few times during the easy waves.

    Sadly, there is no option to "SEND TO STORM SHIELD STORAGE" ... yet
    We badly need this. *cough* come on devs *cough*cough*
    xx7 - Material Savings
    Save up, and save during the spending process.

    Constructors build with a 10% discount to cost.
    This means that they build Tier 1 walls for 9 materials, T2 upgrades for just 18 more, and T3 for 27 more.
    This means that they build Tier 3 walls for just 54 materials, instead of the normal 60, saving you 6 materials.

    Even if you don't like constructors, you should swap to a constructor to build your Storm Shield.
    The savings add up FAST. Just 10 walls means you saved 60 materials, that's an entire tier 3 wall cost.

    Pre-planning Support Bonus
    You can push this savings bonus even further with the "Pre-Planning" support perk
    (This perk is found on the Hotfix Hazard hero and maybe some others)

    - At star level 1, it gives only 4% reduction, but this reduction rounds up for some odd reason...
    - This means that if you equip this on a normal hero, you save 1 material per tier, just like constructor!
    - This also means that if you equip this on a constructor, you save 1 extra material per tier for a total of 2!
    - I use this support perk on my soldier when i run "Build the Radar Grid" missions. Saves me tons.

    Wait, did you say "at star 1"? why does that matter...
    Because most people don't know that if you rank up your support hero, their support bonus levels up too!

    At Star 1, Preplanning gives 4% reduction, at Star 2 it gives 8% and at Star 3 it gives 10%!
    Now this doesn't matter much for this specific bonus, because of the rounding up...
    I have tested with my soldier, and even Star 3 preplanning doesn't give more than Star1...

    But, if you equip a Star Rank 3 Preplanning onto a constructor, you get a special discount~
    Tier 1 only costs 7 materials, Tier 2 costs 15, and Tier 3 is 23.
    That's a total cost of just 45 for a max tier wall compared to the normal 60.
    Saving you 15 per wall, THE SAVINGS ADD UP.
    (33 walls save you almost 500 materials)
    xx8 - Expeditions
    Here is the most important part, in my opinion. I won't even hide it.
    - Expeditions aren't really explained well, but try them out and you'll see after 1 or 2.

    - Send out heroes you aren't using. You WILL get them back even if it fails.
    - Level up some heroes to level 10 to give them Power points for expedition power.
    - Don't waste your hard earned and rare Drops of Rain ranking them up unless you want to

    - Don't go for the risky ones, go for the small/medium supply crates if you need materials.
    - I would rather send out a team with 100% chance than a 70%, if it fails you just wasted time.

    - Expedition rewards rotate very often, if you don't like the rewards, wait for the rotation.
    - Send out for the Red Toolbox Icon Crafting Materials if you need things like Bolts and Parts.
    - Send out for the Brown Supply Crate if you want a mix of crafting mats and wood/brick/metal.

    - Then, 8 or 16 hours later, Ta-da~ you have materials for free! (Well, at the cost of people, but w/e.)
    - you can farm up the people resource very easy, just run "rescue the survivors" for lots more.
    - Some expeditions cost Research Points, try to avoid these, imo they aren't worth it.

    - Remember to send out teams before you log off for the day.
    - Send out the heroes you never play out on the longer missions.
    - Send out the heroes you like to play on 8hour missions before you log out.
    - This way you can use more heroes, they won't be tied up and unavailable when you play.
    xx9 - 999/999/999 is never good.
    I've said this many times, but i can't say it enough.

    - It wastes time and wastes materials. For you and everyone on team.
    - SPEND your resources if you max out, stay at just below the max, 899 is much better.
    - if you hit 999 on wood and metal, craft some bullets you need, you'll need to eventually
    - spend resources early so you can build back up the resources you lost.
    - if you are maxed out, go back to objective and upgrade some walls or SOMETHING.
    - just holding onto the max amount means you aren't helping anyone, not even yourself.
    This is the controversy of the early game currently, and I can end your misery of being nut-less!
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      Thanks, can we get this pinned.


        Excellent guide but just to point out a few things

        1. All Outlanders have "in the zone" while only Recon Scout, Pathfinders and Phase Scouts have "deep in the zone" (additional 24% mining damage)
        2. The outlander that gives "work work" as a support bonus is Pathfinder
        3. You need "people" to send expeditions out and not everyone plays enough to have abundance of those ( you can farm these easily doing rescue the survivors missions )


          update, added nuts n' bolts bonus section


            Great guide, thank you very much!


              took your advice on the expeditions and leveled my spare heroes to 10 and now i have expeditions going :) great guide.


                10/10 would guide again!

                p.s. I'm sad about the nuts n bolts nerf :c


                  very cool guide. parking meters for fast nuts and bolts.


                    glad it helped. Good luck on the expedition hauls.


                      Thanks for writing all this up. Well done.


                        any chance this can get stickied? or does this need more info?


                          This is a awesome Guide, Many thanks! :D

                          This is the first i've heard of being able to place Map Markers in this game... though to be fair i'm still pretty new to it. How do you place Map Markers?

                          Also i've become very fond of having my Pathfinder Jess waste the hell outta Vehicles for source of rich pickings of Nuts & Bolts + Metal. :) Wasting every Vehicle I come across i've gotten so many stacks of Nuts & Bolts that I got in danger of my Backpack getting Encumbered & when I ran a Metal Farming Mission & a couple of other Peeps in the Mission with me were begging for Nuts & Bolts, I was happy to drop several stacks of Nuts & Bolts to them & didn't even ask anything in return... though one of them dropped some Metal I did NOT say no to. :)

                          Edit: Is this Forum freaking kidding me? It can't properly operate the Ampersand Symbol...? O_0
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                            the N key on PC brings up the wheel to leave notes on map~


                              Originally posted by MelancholyMadnes View Post
                              the N key on PC brings up the wheel to leave notes on map~
                              Sweet! Many thanks! :)