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Fortnite for Dummies or What i wish i knew when i started in some cases


Fortnite for Dummies or What i wish i knew when i started in some cases

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    Fortnite for Dummies or What i wish i knew when i started in some cases

    How to Fortnite for Dummies
    Hello all, my name is Bell Crannel, and I’ve been playing Fortnite since the launch now, and I’m currently up at power level 50. I just wanted to take some time and make some notes for new in-coming players. This is as it looks supposed to be a spoof on the “X for Dummies” books.
    In this brief post I hope to help new players progress, and possibly share some tricks that players currently playing may not know as well (although some of what I say will be a “duh”).
    First, I wanted to cover what cross-play is. How cross-play works, and some notes on cross play.
    To be brief cross play Is playing across different platforms i.e. pc, PSN, XBL. As it currently stands cross-play is only possible PC to PSN (and Mac to PC or PSN).
    How do you cross-play? Well, first both the PC player, and the PSN player must download the “epic launcher (the pc player should already have this as this is the pre-game launcher). From here you will need to friend each other’s epic id’s.
    If you as a PSN player do not have an epic ID you’ll need to go to epics website make an epic account and tie it to your PSN ID (also need this to play your account on PC but that’s another sub-note).
    Schematic, Hero, and Survivor EXP
    This is your bread and butter for leveling up your hero’s, weapons, and survivor’s squads (which will unlock as you progress in game putting skill points or research in to slots to unlock survivor squad slots).
    I really didn’t want to delve too much in to the sub topics here but to focus on “how to get the most bang for your buck”.
    Something I really wish I had known when I started was if you use greys, or greens in transformations you will get more of their perspective exp (i.e. schematic, survivor, or hero) then you would from simply breaking them down, and you’ll also get something you’ve constructed that can be broken down for even more exp or used in another transformation.
    Transformation keys can be unlocked under research. Or are given to you through missions within the game.
    Max Effective Level
    This is a topic I think many people know even coming in simply by looking at the character sheet. However, its good to make a not of it. As you progress its best to not exceed the “max effective level” on weapons. The reason why is you’ll be making a “better” weapon then you can use and possibly expending some rare or difficult resources to find.
    This is a PSA (aka public service announcement) please for the love of all that is holy switch your game play to “private” if you intend to not complete an objective in a mission and are only there to farm. Not only is it better for you as you don’t have to compete with other players for resources.
    It’s better for the other players because you’re not holding them back from the best possible result of the objective (remember if you witness farmers/leaches you can always leave the game, but leave early before you’ve invested in the mission and relaunch it or go with friends).
    Community will make this game easier
    Look I know some people like to play alone, and some of us don’t enjoy random gaming with others because people can be rude/jerks etc.
    This said I really really suggest you join a community for Fortnite. There are lots of them out there. Hell I run one on discord called Fortnite – Adults with Videogames for older gamers who want to play with like-minded and older gamers lol (this is taking into consideration the median age of a gamer is in their 30s currently so I am exactly the median of the gaming society at 32).
    Also, if you want the Fortnite – Adults with Videogames Discord is

    I WILL ADD MORE HERE AS I HAVE TIME……………..Hopefully……or just listen to my rambling self in discord.

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