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A monetary test, for SCIENCE!


A monetary test, for SCIENCE!

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    A monetary test, for SCIENCE!

    Start this off with a PSA: I did this for giggles, I do not recommend doing so yourself.

    Due to a recent windfall, i decided to test the RNG gods of fortnite. Everyone knows microtransactions tied to RNG are usually pretty bad...... But out of shear curiosity to see how abyssal the hole was for Fortnite,I decided to take a dive.

    My findings are both helarious, and fantastic. Its Bad. No Surprises there. But it did do alot of.... loot spewing.

    First off, I own the Hidden limited founder pack. For anyone who doesn't understand what that means, when you buy limited edition.... there is a hidden edition that appears in the ingame store. It has everything from teh Previous packs, and 2 of every hero. And weapons unique to each. Its expensive.

    Second, LLAMAS. Glorious loot filled smackable pinatas. Whoever made the monetary side of the game knew how to make it quite enticing.

    Due to the recent new hallows eve patch, i noticed the Launcher is locked behind collecting all 3 legendary husk "cosplay" survivors. RNG! SO Logically I did what anyone who pursues self abuse.

    I dumped 240$ into loot llamas.

    I know. Its great right?
    My collection book EXPLODED with new entries, I quickly found new favorites to keep.... and i got a legendary of almost all the new heros. However, you must be thinking "What about those 3 legendary survivors for the launcher?". Dont worry, i got that covered. 14 Legendary Trolls. 1 smasher. NO Lobber. Thats right people.

    240$ Will not net you the launcher. You will however be swamped with new things to play with (And trade with since apparently the trading community is growing quite rapidly).

    Again, I did this simply out of giggles. It was an enjoyable experiance filled with smacking appart Pinana Llamas. As it is RNG based, anyone could spend far less, and Probably succeed. HOWEVER, remeber that this is RNG based. You could spend even more, and most likely end up without that last survivor lol.

    Good Luck Commanders.

    Well this is ironic. 20 lamas later (22 exactly) Earned. And out pops the final legendary survivor needed.


      Lol, I’ve just been playing the event getting a decent amount of llamas, and the only legendary survivor I’ve gotten is the lobber (x3).
      The buck stops here.


        Lol got all three legendary cosplayrrs within 5 llamas


          It took me about 20 llamas to get all three. 2x trolls 3x lobbers 2x smashers. got two trolls in last one


            Had a friend get all 3 legendary survivors within 5 boxes.


              My friend got all 3 survivors from 1 box 12 times in a row, backwards, blindfolded and inside out. He was also riding a diamond pony called Butt Stallion.