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    This kind of player (Siletec) really needs to get banned.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Reporting Leecher 01.png Views:	1 Size:	656.4 KB ID:	90265

    Not only is he PL 44 on a PL 58 mission, he did rigorously nothing for 20 minutes.

    EDIT: This post is not only to allow the player base to know of this guy but also as a request to get ingame and use the Feedback report function on this guy. I've already done it but the more the better. Maybe we can finally get something done against leechers.

    Duly noted. If you ever join my mission at the very end, Screen and Post your zeros on the Forums.


      I had someone like this in a mission 3 or 4 days ago. They even had the nerve to add me at end of round like anyone wants to play with some1 like that. They weren't as bad as your guy but they farmed 20 mins in a retrieve data did not spend a single resource on helping me upgrade and built 4 lowwalls at the top of base to set up a sniper tower, only firing a round here and there like they were just alt tabbing. End of round combat score was less than 150 building was 40! Even utility was low so they must have been pretend farming.


        Score gets reset to 0 every time someone disconnects and rejoins. So that is not a reliable 'witness" for what a person did or did not do in a match.


          Same as the people that run around the map just farming resources and traps. Do nothing to finish your mission objectives and build nothing. I'm still low level but I see it all the time. Something does need to be done about these. It is getting worse and worse.


            Yet another extreme leecher - QuichaParde. Did absolutely nothing the entire match but stand in spawn point.


              Don't give them a thumbs, that will teach them not to leech. Because snowflakes are afraid of a vote kick system, this problem will continue to happen unchecked.


                Vote kick is a very abused system and very glad it is NOT in Fortnite.
                If only I'd pause to think before typing .....


                  So let's use the system that we DO have.

                  These posts are not only to allow the player base to know of this guy but also as a request to get ingame and use the Feedback report function on this guy.


                    Originally posted by LtMouse View Post
                    Vote kick is a very abused system and very glad it is NOT in Fortnite.
                    That's why problems like this will continue.


                      This player need to go in any mission and play solo if they want to farm they don’t need to join a section and make the rest of us carry him through the mission.


                      • ravend commented
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                        Why would they, when the can get resources and the loot at the end. Reporting is worthless, epic doesn't even respond but every few months. Need either a vote kick or personal block.

                      • Blackangel1p commented
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                        Agree vote kick or block best option so far

                      One more leecher - Thorroad.

                      Just to make it clear, I'm not trying to get any votekicking system in place. Many have tried it, Epic won't listen. So I'm using the tools we currently DO have available and I'm asking the community to also do the same.

                      I'm sure noone enjoys an AFK / leecher in a match with us.

                      So report via Feedback menu and share your score printscreens here to expose these toxic players (when you know that player was actually AFK / leeching and DID NOT CRASH close to the end of the game).


                        I encountered a leecher yesterday, while I was playing with a friend. Unfortunately I had to go afk because of an important phone call, but I wrote in chat that I was afk and I apologised and gave the 4. player staying one of my good guns as thanks for staying because I was afk. I helped finish the game by setting up funnels and such. Meanwhile the leecher was standing at his spawn point for the whole time (he did not disconnect and rejoin) he only defeated a few husks which came up to him. He did not help defend the bus at the end. He was not even farming the map, just standing there for over 20 minutes (cuz of my afk it took longer). To not be disconnected automaticly by standing still he must have at least wiggled his controller a bit.
                        However... I did not mind the guy, we could easily finish the game with 3 people.

                        A Vote kick option would be abused by the wrong people. With a thing like this in place I would have probably be kicked by two out of 4 players, while the leecher might have stayed (because I wrote in chat that I was afk and his leeching only was clear at the end of the mission, he would have voted against me).
                        A Block option might be the solution for people like this but with that low playerbase in higher levels that might become contra productive? dunno.


                          Again, I am not suggesting a vote kick option.

                          And as my personal opinion, a block option only avoids the problem, it doesn't solve it. And in the long run, we need a way to weed out these players.

                          Being AFK for a few minutes because you need to take a phone call is normal, and warning that you're going to be AFK is good communication with your teammates.

                          But being idle for 20 minutes is not OK, and thus should be punished.

                          Next time, please remember to take a screenshot of the final scores and expose the player here.


                            I'm also not a fan on the "kick-vote-system". I know this from Left 4 Dead and the system leads to many "Troll-Kicks". No - this is not a solution.

                            My suggestion: Reward just the players which attended at least 80% of the "round-time" which means they need to be:

                            - No afk "circle-spinning"
                            - Active support on "Side-Objects" (Tower, BlueGlo Station, Survivors, Kill Amount etc.)
                            - Active support on Main-Target

                            Don't know how to balance this - but due to the fact, that the numbers already "exist" they can also be taken to calculate the "activity" of a player.

                            In case the player has a very/low value of "contribute" just remove the Reward completely (drops of rain, xp etc. etc) and they will stop quickly sleeping around in the spawn area

                            Rewards should be for the players which rip their *** of to finish the map. It happen to many times that there are just 1-2 players which built the base, craft traps and place them, upgrade the walls etc. and 2-3 players just crawl the map and then come to the base/target just to trigger the start without asking.

                            My 2 Cent