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    Dear Epic games,

    I just want to start off by saying that I love the things that you guys have been doing with the relatively new creative mode! There is a substantial amount of features and options in this new game mode, but I have a series of recommendations that you guys as developers can do to make creative mode much better. Some of these ideas aren’t the most creative (ha, creative ????) but they will definitely improve the game mode dramatically.
    Classes/kits - adding a kit system to creative mode will help with the diversity of playing mini games. For example, the creator of a TDM gamemode can make multiple kits with different strengths that will spice up their gamemode. For instance, a sniper kit will grant a player a sniper, but they will get less medium range weapons. On the other hand, a brute will get many short range, strong weapons, but less medium or far range weapons. There would also be options that allow the creator to choose whether or not the players choose their own kit, or the game picks it for them. So, I would consider adding this feature in the future.

    Custom creative lobbies - another great feature that could be added to creative is creative lobbies. Not the ones in the starting screen, but ones for individual games. This will allow for the players to wait in an area with a variety of things to do that prevent them from getting bored. There would be many options for the lobby system. For instance, the game will automatically start once the minimum amount of people join your game, and you can set the time it takes for the game to start as well.

    More team options: team options would be a great thing to add because it allows the creator to have more customization over their game. For example, they could have 75% of the players in the lobby on one team, but only 25% of players on the other team. Why would you need this feature you may ask? Well, I made a gamemode called infection. This is a game where there is one zombie, and a lots of humans. The goal of the game is to get all humans to zombies before time runs out. The only problem was that I couldn’t make it so that there was only one zombie. The game automatically split up the teams which made it unfair and too easy for the zombies to win. So, that’s why team options would be a good feature to consider in the future.
    Applying skins to players - this, as it sounds, will apply a skin to the player when the game starts. This could be useful because it can distinct different teams from each other. If someone is making a zombies vs. humans gamemode, all of the skins on one team can be zombie skins and the other can be human skins.
    ​​​​​​​ Allowing more players in the lobby - I know that you probably don’t want the game to become unstable, but another good feature would be to allow more users to be in your game at one time.
    ​​​​​​​ Custom map maker - this is a huge thing that I really hope you add into the game. Custom map making would allow anyone to build the terrain of their own map, changing the size, shape, and landscape. This would be done through a 3D like platform, which has a series of tools to use. I’m just throwing this idea out there and I don’t expect that you incorporate this into the game itself.
    ​​​​​​​ Boarders (like in food fight) - adding physical boarders that you can visualize would be another good feature to add. But, the most important component to this feature would be the ability to add a timer to each boarder. This way, teams would be able to fight only after the boarder vanishes. The walls is a good gamemode that could use this feature.
    ​​​​​​​ Custom trading system - adding a trade system that allows you to give items to receive items could be a useful thing to add into creative mode. The walls would be a gamemode the could use this feature, for trading materials can give you weapons to fight against the other teams.

    These are just a few of my ideas that I put together to share with you. I hope that you read through this post with thought, and think about what you may want to add into the next creative update. Anyone else got more ideas? I would love to hear from you!


    I would love to see a Landscape editor, or a double/triple/quadruple jump