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Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon + Item Thoughts and Ideas


Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon + Item Thoughts and Ideas

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    Fortnite Battle Royale Weapon + Item Thoughts and Ideas

    Good day! I know FORTNITE has had several changes during the seasons past and I just wanted to post some new weapon ideas. I'll put the different names, rarity types, and all the statistics. If Epic Games saw this topic, i'm not trying to pressure on them into making these crazy weapons. I just want to give them ideas for the future of the game.

    Suppressed Compact SMG
    Bullet type: Light ammo
    DPS: 175/182
    Damage: 25/26
    Fire Rate: 7
    Magazine Size: 40
    Reload Time: 2.94/2.77
    Structure Damage: 50/52

    Suppressed Compact SMG is an SMG in Battle Royale. It is available in Epic and Legendary. Head shot Multiplier of x2.0. Has and slow fire rate, but insane damage compared to other SMGs toward both players and structures. Uses the Compact SMG texture tinted black and equipped with a suppressor.

    Mythic Assault Rifle
    Bullet type: Energy Cells

    DPS: 203.5
    Damage: 37
    Fire Rate: 5.5
    Magazine Size: 30
    Reload Time: 2
    Structure Damage: 37

    It is the same Assault Rifle from Battle Royale, but this is a Mythic item. It uses energy cells. Uses texture for the Raygun from Save the World. Once obtained, any other weapon classified as an Assault Rifle will be dropped (similar to the Infinity Blade).

    Bullet type: Energy Cells

    DPS: 57.75
    Damage: from 1 to 175
    Fire Rate: 0.33
    Magazine Size: 1
    Reload Time: 7.5
    Structure Damage: 0 (it bounces off anything)

    A scoped laser sniper that can be charged up to deal the maximum damage listed above, unlike the old one. Mythic weapon. The weapon projectiles cannot hit your teammate, but it can harm any user with the weapon (including yourself) and opponents. They will bounce on anything until after 10 bounces. like other mythics, once obtained all snipers will be dropped (like infinity blade).
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    i will contine to add more weapons. as for any viewers, try suggesting some items.