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Fan Made Content Guidlines (Updated 8/20/2018)

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Fan Made Content Guidlines (Updated 8/20/2018)

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    Fan Made Content Guidlines (Updated 8/20/2018)

    Fan Made Content SubForum Guidelines
    • Hello fellow commanders!
      • My name is Davethebuck and I'm the community leader for this Fan Made Content subforum. I'm super excited to see the awesome content that you guys come up with! Use this space to share your cool projects and gain inspiration from others.
    • Forum Vision
      • Let’s make some cool stuff together! Share your screenshots, cosplay, sketches, and more here. Feel free to create away! I don't want to limit the scope of the content of this forum too much, but there is going to be some overlap with lore, guides, etc. with some of the other subforums, so be mindful of where the best place is to start a topic.
      • NOTE: This is not the place to promote a youtube or twitch, those posts will be moderated.
      • ALSO NOTE: not the place for new game items or concepts unless you have concept art to accompany it, purely verbal concepts belong in the suggestions and advice section
    Make sure to read the overall forums guidelines below before posting anything, let’s make this community a great place together. Go build a fort, win some Victory Royale's and maybe even nab some cool screenshots on the way to victory!
    General Forum Guidelines (TLDR version):

    • Post in the correct section.
    • Search before posting a new topic.
    • Be descriptive and use accurate titles.
    • Keep it on-topic and game related.
    • Keep it appropriate.
    • Be patient and polite as possible.

    • Post in all CAPS, large fonts, or bold text.
    • Post petition topics.
    • Post personal information.
    • Bump threads excessively.
    • Post in very old threads.
    • Be inappropriate, rude, troll, flame, or shame other community members.
    • Impersonate other forum members.
    • Post advertisements or solicitations of any kind.
    • Ask forum members or staff for in-game content or V-Bucks.

    Please visit this thread for the long version of the forum rules.
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