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    New Weapons Maybe

    So a Few things to note first:
    1.I'm not saying these are amazing.
    2.Some of these drawings are similar to current or past weapons, but I drew them before that happened so... yeah.
    3.The exotic Shotgun and Rocket launcher are not original, they are traced from images of other games as i couldn't think of a good design when I did them and I didn't think i'd be posting them in the future.
    4.EPIC! Please add some stuff from save the world, there's so much there, come on.
    5.Just got to say that I'm not expecting anything, I just had some drawings of them that I found.
    6. Add weapon skins and more selectable style skins, c'mon, its just logic.

    With that said, here are "the guns":

    Exotics (Red, Like fanta red): These are pretty simple, they are just as rare as legendary (Don't want it to be too rare), they just have names, a new colour, and a unique ability, sort of. BTW, names aren't great but oh well.

    Assault Rifle "Lion": Select Fire (Full auto, Semi auto, Single fire)
    Rocket Launcher "Barry": Three rocket capacity, Laser Guided (Only when in ADS).
    Pistol "Needle": 4 round burst, 32 round capacity.
    Shotgun "Shredder": Full auto, 20 Shell capacity (Not majorly fast rate of fire cause that's OP).
    SMG "Pea Pod": Silenced SMG much slower rate of fire than current smgs but higher damage (Diamond shaped silencer maybe for the aesthetic).
    Sniper Rifle "Ranger": 5 round capacity, Range finder, Bolt action (but more drop than normal Bolt action).

    So there you go, don't know why I never drew a Grenade launcher, oh well.

    Shades (Black, with obvious white highlights, same with the colour of the guns themselves): So shade guns can only be found in black gun cases that spawn randomly around the map just like llamas, except there's one for each gun. They also require two types of ammo to work. the RGX however is excluded from all that, only three RGXs spawn per game.

    ARX: Almost completely silent, Highly accurate (red dot cursor) and high speed reload. Requires Light Bullets and Medium Bullets.
    SMGX: Has an x-ray sight than can see through a single layer of building while in ADS, Can also shoot through the single layer by choice of the user (Like select fire on the exotic AR), but does half damage. Requires Heavy Bullets and Light Bullets.
    PX: Can put targets to sleep for 5 seconds, doesn't do damage, 1 round capacity. Requires Light Bullets and Rockets
    RLX (i know it says RGX but Ignore that): Compact, full auto, 8 rocket capacity (Does low damage per rocket). Requires Rockets and Light Bullets.
    GLX: 8 grenade capacity, can charge shots so it fires up to 4 grenades at once. Requires Rockets and Heavy Bullets.
    SHX: Fires sticky explosive shots that can be remotely detonated or shot with another weapon, 4 Shot capacity. Requires Shells and Rockets.
    SRX: Has a 1 round capacity but a short loading time between shots. Can either have the scope up or down and has a built in aim assist that gives the player a zone to aim for in order to hit the target at range or in a lead situation (Not sure about that one). Requires Medium Bullets and Heavy Bullets.
    RGX: This one is special. It allows the user to throw out a receiver device that can stick to surfaces, and upon activation, will teleport the user to that receiver, with a rift sound, as its basically a portable rift (like current). Comes with 10 Receivers

    Anyway, second time i'm typing this cause I couldn't post the last one, enjoy. thanks.
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    Pepper shot
    An auto shotgun