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Friend Finder! (:

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    Friend Finder! (:

    I'm looking for friends to play with on fortnite because i pretty much only play solo and this topic could help others find similar people to group with, too!

    About you:

    Gamer tag/username: (narutoass)
    Age: (17)
    Gender: (F)
    Platform: (PC)
    Country: (AUS)
    Mic: (yes but shy)
    Wins [for those who are only interested in wins]: (30 or somthing idk)

    Age: (25)
    Gender: (m)
    Platform: (PC)
    Country: (RO)
    Mic: (yea)
    Wins : 2 xd
    madalin92 username EU


    • Yooooant16 commented
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      add me bro

    • XxGhoustKillerxX commented
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      hey wanna join

    • Dragonheart196 commented
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      Add me for lifespan glider Dragonheart196


    About me: I am not very good at Battle Royale but I don’t completely suck either... I improve everyday...ish
    What’s important is to play and have fun, right ? Right ?!? Level 64 & Battle pass tier 77 (if it has any importance...)

    Gamer tag/username: Nuahla

    Age: 45 (I have been referred as ‘old woman’ by a very mouthy kid in squads...) -___- Therefore I am looking for friends that do not mind playing with a female version of Gandalf the grey...

    Gender: F
    Platfotm: PS4

    Country: USA (home country is Switzerland)

    Mic: Yes, but I have a french accent and when stressed I might lose some english vocabulary all of a sudden and tell things like : There is a thing (an enemy) behind the thingy (tree or building or else) with a thingy (weapon of some kind)... I might still be able to give some directions like NW or S...

    Wins: None ! No Battle royale win but I do often get second or third > this is where I panic and loose the use of my mind and fingers...

    PS: I’ve killed John Wick !!!...... once... but let face it, he probably was ‘away from screen’ to let his dog out...

    PS2: I do swear sometimes... in french & english, sorry in advance !

    PS3: I do have some ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ impulses at time...
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    • JasonSu99 commented
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      Yo Hmu
      Epic Game Tag: JasonSu99
      Gender: Male
      Platform: PC
      Country: Canada
      Mic: Ya
      Wins: A bit above 60

    • Xxoreo_muncherxX commented
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      Add me on ps4 baileygot_banned

    • twoganooguys commented
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      Add me if you'd like. Tag Twoganooguys

    Gamer tag/username: (Lord Jeremiah II)
    Age: (19)
    Gender: (M)
    Platform: (Switch - will cross platform)
    Country: (UK)
    Mic: (Yes but on my laptop so would have to use discord to communicate. [The switch doesn't have voice chat])
    Wins: 1 (but I can usually get to top 15 in solo)

    Edit: Just found out that the Switch can't cross play with the PS4
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    • iSmackThoseYT commented
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      Add me KiDDKash_YT I’m On PS4

    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Platform: PS4
    Country: United States
    Mic: Yes
    Wins : 3

    Just looking for players to have fun with you don’t have to be good


    • Steve2535 commented
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      Hi I have 5 wins can we play? Gamer tag BrawlyGazelle42

    • StoptalkingLiv commented
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      Hey we can togather, my name is stoptalkingliv

    • OctoLover2956 commented
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      I sent you a request I’m on mobile I have a mic and I’m 10 my username is OctoLover2956 PS: I hate 1v1s and I suck

    Username : Coggles78

    Age : 39

    Gender : Male

    Platform : PS4

    Country : Australia

    Mic : Yes but I've been playing without it because of the childish behavior I encounter. I communicate fine by visual cues but would hook it up if I meet nice people.

    Wins : 0 (New style of game for me, only a few weeks in starting from scratch. Slowly improving).

    I choke under pressure sometimes but I'm working on my serial wrong button pushing disease.
    ​​​​​​Prefer mature players, you don't have to be old. Just don't be an idiot. Hope to squad up with some of you! :)


    • Thinkbolt commented
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      Gamer tag/username: Thinkbolt
      Age: 53
      Gender: M
      Platform: PC
      Country: USA, Seattle
      Mic: Yes
      Wins: 2 solos (I'm very good at weekly challenges!)

    Age: 20

    Gender: M

    Region: EU

    Platform: PC

    Mic: Yes

    Wins: 461

    LF Night owls who can play on EU servers and can play in the late night on EU time. I won't limit myself to 18+ as I've met a couple of "kids" who acted more mature than most of the 18+ people I encountered, just be able to carry your own weight and be able to fit well into the "pack".


    • SonndeGaming commented
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      dude add me SonndeGaming i wanna grind wins

    • john wichommega commented
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      What ur username

    Let's be friends


      Age: 20 (sound like a 12 year old boy. please don't be a jerk about it)

      Gender: F

      Region: NA

      Platform: Switch, PS4, or Mobile

      Mic: Yes, but will not use it if you're a ****.

      Wins: Idk. I'm a very casual player that likes to play with other casual players.

      Epic: Hauntzzy, PSN: hauntedlovegood
      Last edited by Hauntzzy; 06-22-2018, 05:13 PM.


      • Worst at fnite commented
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        Add me im aquaman12345678 on playstaion

      • Nick crankz 90s commented
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        lets play my gamer tag is Nick crankz 90s

      • P1nk0mega commented
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        Yo add me I'm p1nk0mega

      Age: 22

      Gender: M

      Platform: Pc ( i don't mind cross platform play )

      Mic: Yes

      I prefer playing with ppl 19 years old and above, sorry younglings
      My IGN: ImSavier


      • iDabTidePodZZ commented
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      • Ganj_Manj commented
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        I sent you a friend request

      • Lunaa35 commented
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        Lunaa35 add me ! I’m 35 F Canada I haven’t won any yet but love playing and haven’t Been able to play squads I have it for switch and IPhone. I’ve made it to second and third place a few times !

      woops forgot to put my region Im in NA


        I’m 29 in NA & play on Switch. Epic: voyagersha
        I’m a casual player, still learning. Don’t have a mic.


          I’m 18 super good at fortnite and need people for squads. I want to grind for omega so I need to win games if your super good and win a lot add me beacause I win a lot. Only add if you can get lots of kills and help carry the team


          • Тrуhаrd commented
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            i sent a request, i play on pc my gamertag is : ТrуHаrd

          • HParra97 commented
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            I've also requested you. My GT is HParra97. Sent the request via Epic

          My username is Explodinjelybean on ps4


            Im idkhow2shoot683 on ps4, looking for some people to power level with, you dont have to be good but a high battle pass tier would be nice