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Universal Skill Certificate - Amazing project


Universal Skill Certificate - Amazing project

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    Universal Skill Certificate - Amazing project

    Hello, I have a new project called, the Universal Skill Certificate.
    We hope to use this as a universal skill standard, we have many plans and the website should look very clean and nice and not what you're probably imagining. Please support this and just spread awareness ???? | This also aims to incredibly improve the player search process for people looking for teams and teams looking for players,duos etc. We will also have a feature where you can search users based on configurations of skill sectors.

    What is it?
    It is a file which can be verified on our website and you can generate an image for it too. It will be a universal skill standard, so say for example you want to see if someone is worthy to join your clan, just ask for their skill certificate so that you can check it instead of
    Send VOD, tryouts tommorow, 1v1 me, lemme check your stats,
    proof, show me your skill, are you in prac?,
    what tourneys have you won?,
    how much money have you made?
    On top of that, there will be certain difficulties for certificates and you can get more to try and get better on a certificate level. For now we are starting with Fortnite. And there will also be user certificates which take into account a users tournaments, money made, teams, etc. How may I get one When the project is finished, you can then open a request (rules will apply) to get a certificate. You must fill in a reasonable high amount of information for security and authenticity reasons and to improve the quality of the certificate standards. You will be tested by a staff in a set number of games. Later we will allow certificates to test for certain skill areas. We will implement a way to prove certificates are yours but one can still share and type up certificates and see who owns them. We will check your stats, replay files (possibly) and also test your aim in a game and by the staff's spectation.

    How may you help this?
    For now it would be appreciated if you could share this message and when it is officially released, use this certificate as a way to measure skill, that would really help it get going as well as saying that it is from

    Add Solobea#5719 on Discord - And please join the Discord server
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