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controller aim assist and sensitivity


controller aim assist and sensitivity

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  • controller aim assist and sensitivity

    We’ve had a troubled history with controller sensitivity.

    We promised we would do better.

    We did NOT do better.

    In our v1.10 patch this morning at 4 AM we made an adjustment to Aim Assist that inadvertently changed controller sensitivity.

    We have heard your feedback on the changes, and know Aim Assist doesn’t feel great for everyone. To immediately address this and the controller sensitivity impact, we will be rolling back to how Aim Assist and controller sensitivity functioned prior to the v1.10 patch.

    For those of you who enjoyed the changes to Aim Assist, we will include it together with some tweaks as an option in a future build!

    Our sincerest apologies.

    UPDATE: change is live
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    when will you be rolling it back?


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      Has this reversion gone through, yet? I just played a few games and aim assist felt definitively different. There was next to zero help; zero snap to target that has existed in the game before.


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        and just a thought? how about you just add the ability to disable it in the options menu for the players that dislike aimassit? i feel like its just a few people that dont like it.


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          I feel like they could keep aim assist the way it was, but just remove it for sniper rifles and most would be happy. Either way, it feels wrong at the moment and I don't think it's reverted back to how it was yet.


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            agreed best option for all is to make it able to be toggled on and off...
            and it is not how it was yet


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              After playing half a dozen games, aim assist definitely feels much different. With a controller the crosshair is all over the screen with this new update. Please revert aim assist back to how it was in the previous update.


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                Glad for the notification on the subject of aim assist to bad we still have to wait for it, i agree it should be reverted since the playerbase had just adjusted to the former settings of controller sensitivity and the new aim assist made it just feel off. An good suggestion is letting players control their aim assist from 0-100, with 100 being the strength of what aim assist was prior to patch v1.10 patch.