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    In-Game Ping

    Hi guys, I live in south central US and when I check the East and West servers in the settings my ping avg is usually around 70ms.... BUT once I go into a game and turn on the net debug my ping never gets below 150-170 and usually more around the 200's. It makes the game nearly unplayable. Examples would be spamming E on a weapon on the ground and it has a severe delay before putting it in my hotbar. My question... Why does the settings menu show me 60-70ms when in the actual game im getting more than 200ms. Its just this game i have this issue with. Thanks for any help. A little info on my pc... I7-4770k 16gb ram GTX 980Ti with SSD. i avg over 200fps on lowest settings. Just so no pc specs questions come up.

    I am also in south central US and experience the exact same thing... Ping times show 60 to 70ms to either west or east coast, but once in game, using the net debug tool the ping averages 150 to 250ms. I have noticed it seems to get better once there are only around 20 players left in the game, dropping to maybe 120ms... but just as above poster, its nearly unplayable.

    I am on a 500mbit dedicated fiber connection and have no issues with any other games. However, with Fortnite it seems over and over I am being shot around corners, cant pick up items without spamming the button several times and building is laughable with walls appearing behind me when i placed it in front, etc...

    Can anyone confirm if there are plans for "central" US servers?????

    Just for the record:

    I7 6th Gen (3.8Ghz)
    32 Gigs DDR4
    GTX 1070

    Thanks for any info...


      It happen in all server i think. Im from Asia and after this several patches my ping increased from 55-100 to 500-1000 ping. Hope EPIC will fix this issue ASAP...


        A central US server would be great.


          I agree totally... That was kind of the point of me posting above.

          I was hoping a mod or developer would let us know if this is in the works or something they are even considering.

          A server in Chicago or Dallas would be perfect...

          Maybe if enough people post on the forums we can eventually get something in the central US....