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Details on Cheat Detection | 2.12.2018

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Details on Cheat Detection | 2.12.2018

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  • Details on Cheat Detection | 2.12.2018

    I just wanted to share a little information about our cheat detection. This should answer questions in regards to players being removed from matches after leaving the Battle Bus.

    There have been a few posts about false positives with cheat detection. We are not aware of any false positives (only two historical exceptions were the swingset bans on 10/8 and the SMG bans on 11/20), but there is potential for confusion so here is some detail on how the system works:
    • We kick and/or ban players and machines based on the game being modified / tampered with, cheat software found running while playing Fortnite, and other ways of cheating.
    • We then kick users that play on machines associated with previously banned accounts to prevent cheaters from returning to Fortnite.
    • This means if you share a machine with a roommate or sibling and he/she cheats, your account won’t be able to play on that machine either. You can play on a different machine though.
    • While we won't comment publicly, we have a team that investigates reports of false-positives (both ban and kick) found in our support and social channels (ie. our forums, reddit, etc.) to confirm our systems work as we expect.
    • We know we need to improve how we message kicks and bans as the presentation can be confusing to players. Especially in light of temporary bans for code of conduct reasons or IP / VPN used.
    • We also kick players from matches if they experience network conditions that are detrimental to other players. This is using the same mechanism as our general kick system and uses the same message. This needs adjusting.