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False Fortnite Ban for "Cheating"


False Fortnite Ban for "Cheating"

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    False Fortnite Ban for "Cheating"

    So about a week and a half ago I start up my computer to play some Fortnite with some friends and try and log into my account to find this error message when trying to log in "Sorry, your account is inactive and may not login." So as anyone would I emailed the Epic Games Player Support and asked what I was banned for as there was nothing telling me the reason of which I was banned for, now I did have an semi-inappropriate name on Fortnite so I first assumed that was the reason for my ban, so the email basically just consisted of me saying that I understand what I did was against TOS and asked how long the ban was, the response was as follows, (removed my name and the support person's name)


    Thank you for contacting Epic Games. I appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the delay in my response. Rest assured that the company is enhancing its support team in order to deal with your inquiries in a fast and efficient manner.

    As I reviewed your account, I can confirm that your account has been disabled due to a Machine ban which is automatically implemented when the system detects any action that does not comply with the Company's policies,

    More specifically, if you are getting the IP, VPN, machine, or cheating persistently over a period of time, it is likely that your machine itself is banned.

    We ban players and machines based on the game being modified / tampered with, cheat software found running while playing Fortnite, and other ways of cheating. We then kick users that play on machines associated with previously banned accounts to prevent cheaters from returning to Fortnite.

    This means if you share a machine with anyone else and he/she cheats, your account won't be able to play on that machine either.

    Bans for any reason are not issued unless they are rightfully warranted. For this reason, bans are considered permanent.

    You can still play using this Epic Account on a different machine though.Epic Games Player Support does not have any ability to bypass this kick behavior.

    So obviously after this email I was a little bit confused as the Support person did not mention anything about my name and if the ban was associated with that, it was all information about cheating and the consequence of it (which is a permanent ban if you missed that), now I don't know how I am meant to prove this, but I have never cheated in Fortnite, and I do not believe Epic Games can prove that I was cheating. After receiving this email I decided to email back just to find out more about what happened so I replied with this,


    You told me I would be able to log in on other machines, however this is
    not the case. I tried to log in on chrome and in the epic games launcher
    on my other computer and it says my account is inactive, please tell me
    what I can do to get my account back. Also you seemed to express that
    I was banned for cheating, I have never cheated and never will.

    Thanks again.

    His response was,

    Hello again,

    I totally understand what you are saying and as every human being tends to have such incidents or make mistakes in life I can completely relate how you are feeling right now.

    Let me inform you that you have been observed using Cheats to gain an advantage against other players in Fortnite. One of our primary goals here at Epic is to foster a healthy and cooperative community for Fortnite. For this reason, this type of behavior is not tolerated.

    Due to the nature of your infraction, a permanent ban has been placed on your Epic Account, and any External Accounts connected to the now banned Epic Account will not be removed. This means you will not be able to connect your External Account with any other Epic Accounts.

    Now what made me a bit more frustrated was the fact that this "player support" only know how to check what you are banned for and the type of punishment that is applied to that, he didn't acknowledge that I have mentioned that this might've been a false ban because I have never cheated in the game, I don't get a link to a ban appeal format, nothing, just pretty much "you were cheating, now you are banned".

    I am currently waiting on another response to me replying to this latest email however I assume I will receive the same answer, so if anyone helpful or someone to do with Epic Games reads this and is able to give me some tips in a comment or a message, I would greatly appreciate it.



    Forgot to mention this is not my main account, I am having to post this on a second account

    Hey I’m going through this as well, I would like to ask how quickly did they reply to your emails because I too haven’t and would never cheat yet it seems as if I was banned as well


      I found a cheater his name on PC is rjrjrhrj and him and his friends were teaming in solos in polar peak please report and ban