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Fortnite Battle Royale Community FAQ

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Fortnite Battle Royale Community FAQ

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  • Fortnite Battle Royale Community FAQ

    We hope everyone has been enjoying Fortnite Battle Royale! The team is really excited about your enthusiasm and we’ll be working hard to add more stuff to the game in hopes of improving your time playing the game!

    We’ve noticed some questions that pop up a bit and wanted to provide some baseline information on FN BR’s development for you. These FAQ will eventually be added over on the official website's FAQ, so you may want to bookmark that section. We'll continually update it with new information.


    Where can I download Battle Royale?
    You can download in the following places:
    PC/Mac -
    Xbox - Xbox Marketplace
    PlayStation - PlayStation Store

    Do I need Xbox Live Gold to play Fortnite Battle Royale?
    Yes. You do need Xbox Live Gold in order to play Fortnite Battle Royale on Xbox.

    Do I need PlayStation Plus to play Fortnite Battle Royale?
    No. You do not need PS Plus in order to play Fortnite Battle Royale on PlayStation.

    How are you addressing weapon bloom and accuracy?
    We want to improve the overall weapon and combat feel as we move forward. Here are some of our most recent discussions regarding weapon accuracy and combat feel. We’ll include more information in the coming week:

    State of Development
    Development Priorities

    Improving the weapon feel will be an ongoing process and we’ll continue to iterate to make the weapons feel right for the Fortnite Battle Royale universe.

    Is Fortnite Battle Royale Cross-Play?
    No. There is no cross-play in Fortnite Battle Royale. There is cross-progression between PC and PS4.

    You’ll need to link your Epic Games ID to your PS4 account in order to enable cross-progression.

    How will you handle teamers in solo play?
    We’ve built a system to automatically and swiftly ban teamers in solo play.

    How are you handling cheaters (aimbots, overlays, etc)?
    We take cheating very seriously on both a legal and game development front. We don’t want to tip our hand by talking in-depth about how we combat cheating.

    Cheaters are permanently banned across all Epic products.

    I would like to report a player, where can I do so?
    Please send all player reports to our Player Support team.

    I’m having a game issue, who can I contact?
    We encourage reaching out to our support team, contact Player Support.


    Will you add Voice Chat?
    Voice chat is on our priority list and is a must-have feature before we consider squads done.

    As a substitute, we currently recommend using Discord on PC and inviting players to private chat channels on PlayStation 4 or Xbox.

    When are you going to introduce character customization?
    The custom glider skins are the first example of our effort to introduce custom cosmetics, others to follow soon.

    Will you introduce new weapons to Battle Royale?
    Yes. We have a large arsenal of weapons to choose from in the Fortnite universe. We’ll have to see what makes the most sense when transferring them over to Battle Royale.

    Will you add the ability to switch camera positioning from left-shoulder to right shoulder in third-person view?
    We are aware that it's a top concern. We are investigating how it would function inside of Fortnite.

    Will you add a first-person option?
    No. We’re not planning to add a first-person option. We don’t feel it fits with the design style of Fortnite. We may revisit in the future.

    Will cosmetics be free?
    Some cosmetics will be free, some will be be earned and some you may need to purchase.

    Will there be Leaderboards and Stats?
    Yes. We will have Leaderboards and Rankings. Regarding stats, we’re already recording a lot of player data and hope to have it visible in game soon.

    I want to drive around. Where are the vehicles?
    Right now we do not have any immediate plans to add vehicles. We’ve done some very early prototypes internally, but have concerns with how they’ll affect the flow of Battle Royale. We’ll let you know our plans when we have a better understanding of their impact.

    Will you add more maps?
    Yes, but not right away. We’ll also be looking into improving our current map, including adding more points of interest.

    What else are you working to immediately improve or add?
    We’re working to improve the feel of combat, controls, weapons, and movement. We’re also working to streamline inventory management, decrease time spent waiting in the lobby, and improve bus timing (so choosing when to jump has more strategy)

    Find out more information on what’s coming here.


    Why did Epic make only Battle Royale free? When will the whole game be free?
    We still have a lot of features to add before the PvE campaign is complete. We will launch the Save the World PvE campaign for free in 2018.

    Now that Battle Royale is free, does that mean that PvP development is complete?
    No. Fortnite is still in development and we will continue to improve and expand both the PvE and PvP game modes.

    Does Battle Royale mean that Fortnite is abandoning PvE?
    No. The team has big plans and is continuing to add features and develop new modes to play, including the previously announced “Block Party” mode. Stay tuned for some spooky details on our October updates soon.

    Will my progress in Fortnite PvE campaign transfer over into Battle Royale?
    For now, PvE and PvP are not connected and we don’t know if Battle Royale will eventually connect to the Fortnite Campaign. We are considering cosmetic connections between PvE and PvP and compendium-like content, but we’re still figuring it out. Let us know what you think would be cool.

    Will Fortnite Battle Royale be pay-to-win?
    No. We will not sell items that give a competitive advantage. At some point in the future we will sell other things including cosmetics or compendium-like content.

    We encourage your questions! We'll do our best to provide answers.
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    Any kind of statement from Fortnite in regards to the PUBG developers being a little upset you're doing a project similar to the PUBG aesthetic?


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      How come I can see umbrellas in some gameplay rather than a glider?


      • pauly85 commented
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        u get an umbrella if u win a game of battle royal

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      As Someone who payed the full $250 for all the content in PvE mode, will I receive any unique cosmetics for this purchase in the PvP mode, it would be awesome to get something for this bundle!


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        Originally posted by Claptrapguy View Post
        How come I can see umbrellas in some gameplay rather than a glider?
        It's a reward for winning a game.


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          Are you guys planing on getting a South America server? I ask this because im playing the game with my friends and we like it, but it feels bad to play with over 200ms, slow weapon change, slow hit reg, we get pushed back a lot when moving.
          Some of my friends are giving up just because of this issue.
          All the big games have a SA server nowdays like dota, league of legends, counter strike, overwatch, pubg, even h1z1.


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            Originally posted by Claptrapguy View Post
            How come I can see umbrellas in some gameplay rather than a glider?
            I can answer this one, The umbrellas are awarded to those who came in first place for the respected mode, whether it be solo or squads, the camo on the umbrella/glider means the player had purchased a copy of Fortnite PvE mode, and the grey umbrella/glider means they are playing the f2p version of the game. The umbrella and the glider work the same exact way it is only a cosmetic change :)


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              Originally posted by Claptrapguy View Post
              How come I can see umbrellas in some gameplay rather than a glider?
              Players that have won a game are given an umbrella. As some others have pointed out :)


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                Originally posted by Sir-Dapper View Post
                As Someone who payed the full $250 for all the content in PvE mode, will I receive any unique cosmetics for this purchase in the PvP mode, it would be awesome to get something for this bundle!
                I can't say exactly, if you've purchased a founder's pack prior to the 20th, you should have access to the unique glider and umbrellas:

                Click image for larger version

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                Whether or not we add more to that is TBD.


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                  Any plans to un-p2w the PvE part of the game?


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                    Originally posted by Grognakh View Post
                    Any plans to un-p2w the PvE part of the game?
                    The PvE team has been pretty straightforward with addressing concerns around direct acquisition i.e. let me get the thing I want, which seem to be the most common concern when talking about the monetization. Outside that, I can't provide too much more information about plans there as I'm not on the core Fortnite development team.

                    There was a Dev update that discussed a number of concerns expressed for Save the World (attached).


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                      My main gripe with Battle Royale is looting after you've killed someone. The amount of time it takes to get a certain item (specific ammo for example) if it is in the middle of all the loot is annoying.


                      • pauly85 commented
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                        just pull out ur pick axe and spam e as usual, it wont pick up any guns unless u have a free spot

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                      When will duo queing become available ? :)
                      I mean, duo's vs duo's not duo's vs 4 like it is right now


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                        Hello arCtiC,

                        First of all, i really like your BR mode, it's so much fun, i have a few suggestions :

                        - Could you make the second safe zone a bit bigger ? If you are a little bit late, the storm eye is unforgiving on the second wave without healing and you have no chance of surviving it.
                        - Adding +15% of the ammo you can have from the ammo stacks you loot would be nice.
                        - The AR + Scope is overpowered long range, mostly with bloom mechanic. In long range situations, if you fight an enemy using a AR + Scope and you have a simple Assault Rifle, there is no way you can win the fight. I'm honestly not a fan of Bloom, as i'm coming from H1Z1, so my opinion would be to heavily reduce the bloom or remove it, that way you could compete. A temporary solution would be to buff the drop rate of the AR + Scope weapon, that way you have the choice. In 8 hours of gameplay, i got that weapon only one time.

                        I can't wait for the duos to be available and i'm looking forward to the future of Fortnite :)


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                          Can you please add more servers like South East Asia Server or Asia Server . and also is this game permanently free?