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    Best Server

    There are a lot of people talking about which server has the most skilled players, but there are no facts to back anything up, just personal experiences. I think it’s be helpful if epic could inform the community of which server has the best average player so people can stop arguing about this.

    but before we have any facts I’ll express my opinion
    1. Oceania (Small population, more skilled)
    2. NA West (High population but backed up by a lot of decent and above average players)
    3. Europe (Most players, lots of underperforming players but a lot of higher skilled players which balances things out)
    4. NA East (High population but more underperforming players than above average players but not by much)
    5. Asia (Developing player base and still learning, still has good players and are not too hard to spot)
    6. Brazil (Very underperforming player base and higher skilled players are very hard to find)

    NA-EAST is the best server, not much lag.......