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Why am I so unlucky in Fortnite


Why am I so unlucky in Fortnite

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    Why am I so unlucky in Fortnite


    Here are some reasons why you are unlucky in Fortnite
    and also why Fortnite isn't skill based anymore.
    (1) Epic games introduces Bloom, to control which player will hit more shot's example is if you are a streamer Epic will reduce bloom to make every player in a streamer lobby worse than the streamer like TFUE gets rewarded with less bloom than average player
    Why do they do that? Well to control who earns money from Fortnite and who doesn't
    When you ask epic for what does bloom Exist their answer is not based on real weapon logic because real scar accuracy problems should start in game at least from 250 m but in game you can get bloom on a guy who is 20 m away while you have the whole cross air on him and not moving at all
    (2) Epic gives content creators better DMG count have you ever wondered why TFUE or Ninja hit 114 DMG pump shot gun head shot from two walls away while moving meanwhile you get 50dmg pump head shot from literally having the shot gun barell touching his head.
    (3) Epic Games removes as much skill from the game as possible! Why? The reason is money what does money have to do with it well let me explain. If you have a kid named Jerry he will die every game because he is a kid and doesn't control his brain as good as older players so Jerry will get bored after time and leave the game which will Epic games lose money because the most money they earn is from Kids buying skins dance moves and so on... so epic to keep kids in the game they add stuff to help noobs be on the same LVL as pro players, so they add stuff that don't require any skill like rocket launcher, planes, boom boxes, redeploy and many more...
    (4) Fortnite makes you buy unessecary equipment let me explain
    Fortnite is a game which makes you require having the best PC possible to be a better player it requires you to have the best 240hz monitor and it requires you to have the best internet possible
    meanwhile they could bypass that how do I know it well because look at Fortnite graphic they are going worse and worse with upcoming seasons but somehow the fps also go lower for no reason whatsoever

    Fortnite overall is a business game they don't give sh***t about players.