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HELP!!! Keybinds without mouse buttons


HELP!!! Keybinds without mouse buttons

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  • HELP!!! Keybinds without mouse buttons

    I current play Fortnite without any Mouse buttons at all. I have tried using some but they don't work for me. I need hotkeys for building and guns but I'm stuck on fitting most of them in to reaching distance. If some has ever had this problem an fixed it or has some advice for me please help. I know personal preference is best but I need help.

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    I hope you at least use the mouse for aiming.

    WASD - Move
    Shift/Ctrl - Sprint/Crouch, swap them if preferred
    The key to the right of Shift (< > for me, dunno about other keyboards) - Autorun
    Tab - Inventory
    F - Fire
    Q - Aim
    TAB - Inventory
    Any key - Map
    F1->F5 - Building
    1234 - Weapon slots
    ZX - Important weapon slots
    (*You can use 123 ZXC instead too)
    G - Edit
    R - Reload
    Any key - Repair
    E - Interact

    Now, I haven't personally tried this, but it's the most "comfortable" setup I can think of without mouse buttons.
    No idea how to make it so you can aim down sights, fire and strafe at the same time with one hand, but hopefully Q+WASD+F is good enough, albeit kind of a finger-killer.

    Good luck with that.

    On another note, maybe try checking if your drivers are up to date, or seeing if there is an issue with your mouse?


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      What mouse you using?


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        Sorry to flood just testing