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Shotgun when moving from behind cover


Shotgun when moving from behind cover

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    Shotgun when moving from behind cover


    Imagine the scenario in which you know someone is about to walk in your room or passed your wall and you're ready for them with a shotgun in hand.
    You want to sidestep away from your cover and shotgun him point blank in the face.

    I've been in these scenarios a lot, everyone has, and strangely enough I keep losing those.
    The reason?
    I keep shooting the wall just in front of me, although my crosshair has already passed the wall and is correctly aimed on his face.
    The solution is perfectly simple right... step away further sideways from the cover you're hiding behind.
    Its just bugging me how I keep hitting the wall instead of the player.
    I'm aware that the character model is slightly placed in the left side of the screen.

    Anyone else had trouble with this, or is it just me...

    Rarely, yeah, with any gun and peeking scenario.
    You just have to get a feel for the hitboxes of things and it'll happen less naturally.