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Why cant I get better


Why cant I get better

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    Why cant I get better

    Every time I jump into a fortnite game I (most of the time)die right away.Even when I dont die instantly I get to around #25.I have never won a game and I rarely get any kills.I watch tip videos to teach me things to improve and I try my best to follow them but I still haven't won a game.

    Dont tell me that this isn't my game because I really like this game and want to get better and play more.I struggle to get a kill but I still die every time!I dont know why I cant get better.

    Land in a not overcrowded area, and engage enemies as soon as you can. Fortunatly you will fight some 1v1 in those place ( in solo mode there are many places like that to go, consider north east or even east of retail row, you'll most likely always find someone there but probably no more, this way you'll be "safer" than in a town and will be able to focus on your 1v1. When you feel confortable, try a little bit more crowded zone, until you feal at ease with the fights: doesn't mean you'll win them all, but overall reaction will have improved).

    Just like any other game, try to understand where you keep failing (building, aiming, positions, stealth, etc) and focus only on this point. Step by step, that's what I'm doing and eventhough stats aren't good yet they do improve. Courage :)


      Turn up your Volume and turn down your mouse sensitivity. Know that people will watch you land and as soon as they are armed they will hunt you down hoping your not armed or you arent paying attention and to busy looting. Always get the high ground. Know where people will come from. ie if your at the soccer stadium, you will be getting visitors from snobby shores more than likely. Try to stay ahead of the storm so your not an easy target running for the circle last second.

      Just some easy things to do.


        Focus more on evasion if you die early and use your hearing. If you hear a persons footsteps then you have the upper hand. Also whether its keyboard or controller you need to focus on your aiming over everything. Its the most important thing so start trying to practice aiming over winning for the first few games. If you learn how to control your sprays and eye coordination then your Gucci.


          Thanks for the tips ill try them and hope they work!

          And is it okay if we play a game or two and you explain to me a little more.That might help(dont worry I have a mic)
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            Hey I was just wondering have u gotten better at all bc I’m a decent player but it seems lke I jst can’t get any better then I already am I bought the campaign version of the game to practice my building skills and I watch all kinds of videos also and I make it pretty far bc I act stealthy but not the best in fights even when I try to get high ground , but I was wondering if u did get any better cld u help me out

          Im a pc player so...


            i cant go in fortnite its says the game closed and that it


              remain a witness. do not wish things were not as they are, but accept them as they are. observe your circumstances and consider what you could have done better.

              rehearse your actions until they become autonomous. every failure is an opportunity to improve.


                What I will say may well be controversial but it holds true for me: You are going to need 3 things to score any sort of victory. 1) Shielding. You need to have a shield to give you a few moments to react to being shot at. It makes a HUGE difference to have full shields. 2) A good ranged weapon and by this I mean a Semi-Auto Sniper or Scoped Assault Rifle. Those Bolt Action weapons are mostly useless IME. 3) A good close weapon and by this I mean whatever suits you best be you a gunslinger who is great with pistols, shred with SMG's, or blow people into soup with a shotty.

                If you have those 3 things you stand a chance of getting somewhere. If you do not have those 3 things you will lose pretty much every time.


                  Dont play stealthy for like your first 1000 games. Get into the fight so you can get some practice shooting at people. If you play stealthy all you are doing is wasting 20 minutes sneaking around and looting until finally you are forced into a fight by the circle against some dude who is way better than you because hes been in 1000 fights. Hell own you and you wont get any practice.

                  land where every one else is landing, try to get a suitable weapon and fight them. You will get shotgunned in the face 9 times out of 10 before you you even find a weapon but you will get practice fighting a lot faster than sneaking around for 20 minutes until you have to fight the super pro.

                  For medium range you want the scar > m4 > famas > burst rifle > any other weapon. Dont worry about the color a grey m4 is better than a blue burst rifle.

                  For close range you want the heavy shotgun > tactical > pump. Dont worry about the color again. There is math involved in figuring out which one is best. The pump is better than the tac if you can hit them in the head every time. If you tend to miss get the tac. All other close range weapons are just filler until you get a shotgun! If you arent good with a shotgun practice with it. They are overpowered and if you are going to spend time getting good at close range fighting you might as well do it with the best weapons for it. Using an smg is a waste of practice time and should only be done if you dont have a shotgun.

                  For long range get the bolt action > hunting rifle > any other scoped rifle. The bolt action and hunting rifle can one shot some one even at full shields if you hit them in the head. This takes practice but make sure you take at least one shot before you switch to your m4 eventually you will start to hit them.

                  Most of the weapons in the game are hitscan meaning you can point it at them click and if your aimed in the right spot it immediately deals damage. (You can test this with the scoped assault rifle. Find some one uber far away and click them with it. Notice the damage is instantanious. ) there are a few that create projectiles that must hit your target and the sniper rifles are among them. This is how they have bullet drop and why you must lead with a sniper rifle but never really lead with a assault rifle. Practice practice!


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                    It may be just me but the various Bolt-Action ranged weapons seem like a waste for me. Even if I have an enemy who is not moving (it does sometimes happen) and the crosshairs are right on their head it never deals a headshot with these. In-fact it seems like they are horrible inaccurate and you lose sight-picture every time you fire whereas I can one-shot all day long with the Semi-Auto Sniper and Scoped Assault Rifles.

                    Do you have any insight as to what is going on there?

                  practise is key and having a good setup inventory is good to i normally have a sniper, assault rifle, mini shields and 2 pump shotguns to double pump. if you don't know how to double pump then a good inventory is a sniper, assault rifle shotgun medkits and minis if you can get them.


                    Double pumping is good but i think its sort of an advanced tactic. Some one who is struggling with aiming and building will only get worse when trying to double pump. Its too much to think about.

                    try double pumping after building comes naturally and you are consistently hitting the people you aim at with your tac.


                      You cant win because you are following advice from people who are Way Better than you.

                      These people say stuff like "Engage a lot" "Go to tilted" "Get in fights" "Be aggressive" "Build, Build, Build!"
                      And that is not going to work for you.... Its just not.... Period.

                      There is a youtube series called "Fortnite For Scrubbies" that will show why you shouldn't take that advice. It shows why players like you should NOT play aggressive. Should NOT take the high ground, or any of the advice good players are telling you.

                      Im straight awful at this game. My aim is terrible. I cant build. But I get a lot of victories and I have a TON of fun doing it.
                      I play the game like Metal Gear Solid. Super sneaky and I trick people into doing what I want them to do. Everybody is better than me so I have to outsmart people. And thats fun to me.
                      I'm about level 40 now and I slowly get better every week.

                      If you want to get better. check out the Fortnite for scrubbies videos. They will show you how to play to YOUR STRENGTHS,,, not other peoples strengths.
                      And you will start getting victories. Once you start getting victories the game becomes a lot of fun!
                      You will also get A LOT of hate mail... People hate me so much when I beat them by hiding in their own base :D


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                        Different people are going to learn different things quicker and play differently. I am more of an assassin myself, like you are talking about, and tend to not do the stuff being advised in general unless it is fitting for the moment.

                        I would like to add onto this subject: If you build something that is a clear indicator that you are there. Most of my victims give themselves away to me this way. If you are on the high ground you cannot see people slipping through the shadows of your perch. It is sooooo much easier to get a kill by shooting someone in the back than in the face.

                      I watched 1 up stars videos and they simply give terrible advice. It almost seems like he has a master plan to keep the community playing terrible to increase his likelyhood of getting kills.

                      The advice of build build build, be aggressive, get in fights is the common advice because it makes you better at the game.

                      It's also the correct advice and I'm sure people far more authoritive than me at what the correct way to learn is will agree.

                      You can literally watch my progress of getting better by getting in fights and learning to build in this thread:
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                        Build... A lot. Just keep practicing building