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Ever won, or TOP 3?


Ever won, or TOP 3?

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  • Ever won, or TOP 3?

    Have you ever won, or have been at least in the top 3 teams/solo players?

    - Me personally, solo, I been reaching top 5 I can say pretty often, sometimes it goes ugly and I'm around 20th,30th player left who gets killed..

    Today, me, my friend worlackK, and 2 random teammates got victorious lol. Didn't even expect to do so. Its kinda something great to achieve. :D
    Screenshot: Added to the reply of the post, since I couldn't edit my post with the picture.

    Any of your experiences that you'd like to share?
    Not here to take part. Here to take over.

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    Screenshot of the victory:
    Not here to take part. Here to take over.


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      I have won 2 games, and right now I am actually on a 'streak' of being top 10 but I cannot seem to win today.


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        I have won 3 games and was more times in top 10.

        What i do:
        - hide in bushes
        - watch where bus is going and go into circle from side where there is less player


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          i have got first place victory 56 times and top 10 around 170 times iv played around 350 games this games just addicting
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            I have been playing for roughly 5 days. I have 3 first place finishes. I have multiple top 2. I have even more top 5. I almost always finish in the top 10 with several kills.

            Someone has to win.... The odds you eventually win are fairly good. The odds you place in the top 10 are even better. You can finish in the top 10 by doing nothing but avoiding people. It's even possible to finish top 2 without ever engaging someone in combat.
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              done for the night. my team one 3 times today.

              1. we landed at the house on the lake. not too many goodies, but enough gear for us to survive. we took loot from nearby boats as well and made a bridge to the factory that had docks. There were players at the docks and players storming the house once we were done. rockets, snipers, etc. We killed everyone that came after us until teams either decided to try waiting us out or fight themselves instead. It was hectic, but 3 of us survived and we evacuated over the bridge to the docks, destroying the bridge behind us. We managed to make it to the hill that'd be where the circle stopped shrinking after picking off squads of 2 and 3 here and there. It was tough, but came down to us vs another squad of 2 and we had the numbers and firepower.

              2. We tried landing in the moisty mire. only 3 of us. terrible location, but we killed the initial squad of 3 that followed us. We all got stuck outside the storm, but managed to survive it through careful planning with revives. had tons of bandages from one of the men we killed, so we fully healed. killing a group of 2 yielded plenty of weapons and soon we all had more than enough ammo. managed to wait it out until only a few players were left. with a purple machine gun and 70 bullets, we destroyed the final group hiding behind a man-made wall with only some shotguns to defend themselves.

              3. we landed in a shipping container yard. couldn't find anything besides some common shotguns and smgs. 2 of us died in there. one escaped, ran, and somehow survived and got into a bush. hid until only 4 others remained. the two he snuck up on in their own ramp and barricades killed the other 2, then he ambushed them.


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                I've actually managed to won squad game being las alive vs few other people :D Other than that i got some solo wins but not much.


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                  I have a few wins, but most of the time I only manage to get to top3-5 and then die. My first victory was in my second or third match. After that I thought this game was so much easier than PUBG. Then it took me an entire day and dozens of matches to win again, so yeah, just got lucky. Top 10 is easy, just keep hiding. You can get top 5 the same way. But winning is different. Even if you manage to be one of the last two you need to be good enough to kill the other player. It's rare for that other player to be a total beginner (like I was in my first victory).

                  So what I found out was that works best for me is to collect some good items (meds, potions), weapons/ammo and some materials, then hide. This means you gotta either be very lucky (usually not my case) or kill some players in the beginning of the match. I kill 3 to 6 before getting enough for the endgame. I'm very bad at handling the sniper, so I'm fine with just a shotgun (for when ppl invade my hiding spot) and a rifle (for any time I'm outside a house and for endgame). For endgame, 15 Bandages, meds, potions, rifle, grenade launcher is my favorite set, but finding potions and meds is very hard sometimes - and then other times you can find 5 or more in the same match... just the "luck" factor that is very strongly present in this game.

                  One thing is clear to me: you gotta kill! If you ALWAYS just hide from beginning to end you probably won't win (except by luck - that does happen). And I'm not even talking about killing to win that specific match. I'm talking about practice. You must PRACTICE killing.


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                    My usual team can get good positions (top 10 and under) pretty often, and once we ended up in second place (as teams) by doing absolutely nothing other than joking around with barely any guns, the circle pushed everyone to the shore and we had been sight-seeing the whole game so for us it was just another spot lol, best match for sure even if we didn't win, just coz it felt so good to be near victory by having fun :D

                    I strong advice I give, from many games as a squad, is to avoid dropping early, unless you are dropping early to go really far from the bus... also avoid dropping near the bus "track", early action is really bad if you want to win (doesn't mean you won't win, just a harder game). Sometimes landing far from the bus can be a pain coz the circle is away from you but its RNG, as I said above we used this tactic and ended up fine coz no one else was using it!

                    Other valid strat we use a lot is staying within visual range of the wall, so you don't need to defend your back so often, but this is better done in case you already got some decent gear, coz looting will almost always be out of question


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                      Still convinced it was totally luck, but proud of it, nonetheless.

                      Click image for larger version

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                        2nd game currently 5th place bummed bc MY COMPUTER FROZE


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                          Im still a solo virgin, iv been second maybe 7-8 times and crush under the pressure haha.
                          i mostly play squads with my brothers and have won a total of only 6 matches.

                          My closest solo was last night, i was playing like an absolute boss for reasons unknown to me, i was sniping like Chris Kyle, my scar was on point knocking down players with ease from a decent distance (i did end up having both the legend snip and legend scar) it got down to only 4 of us, a guy pops up an instant base on top of the highest mountain still left in the eye, i pull my snip back out take a few shots until that sweet shot finally landed, watching that bullet drop into his face was great, with the euphoria of the best snip shot i have ever pulled off i re adjust my angle and make way for the circle one more time, at this exact moment i get the most heartbreaking pop-up come on my xbox... "Your controller Batteries are DEAD", i get up faster then a nun in a adult store, searching for batteries ... CANT FIND ANY WHY DID I BUY THIS STUPID RECHARGEABLE SET WITH NO BACKUP?.. the storm slowly takes me i am left to watch my helpless body suffocate. That was my 17 kill game which i sware was going to be my first solo brella.


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                            Well i won 10 solo,20 duo and 4 squad matches so far. Although i have to admit most of these victories are from the beginning when it just released and people had no clue. Now its become ALLOT harder to get the no 1 spot (luckily since i was sorta getting bored this is allot more interesting).

                            Still had a round yesterday where the circle ended up in the dense wood area (wailing woods) where i got the no 1 spot by simply building a bridge above the forest and waited till only 1 other player was left. Dropped down from a tree while shooting my shotgun for the last kill.

                            The guy didn't even move as i fired my 2 shots to kill him. I figure he was trying to figure out how the hell he didn't see me this entire time with the circle being that small and all of a sudden i'm next to him xD.

                            Edit: I wouldn't be surprised if the guy actually reported me for teleport hack or something xD.


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                              Have an average win rate of above 10% and I'm sure some people got even more. You guys need more experience and should drop in popular areas for quick fights to learn the combat. Often meet players who camp what is completely stupid in this game. You need to move and use the environment as cover.