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Ultimate Tip Collection To Get Victory Royale


Ultimate Tip Collection To Get Victory Royale

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    Ultimate Tip Collection To Get Victory Royale

    Hello everyone

    Below is a collection of what I think are important beginner / novice tips that will help you get more of these sweet Victory Royale's.
    Hope these help!

    If you prefer to watch instead of read, follow this link:

    1) Learn the combat.

    When new to this game you should consider engaging in combat as much as you can. While this will most likely result in a few losses, you will learn a lot. You’ll get to know the different types of weapons, their recoil and you will get a better understanding of the flow of combat. Doing this will make sure you are prepared to defend yourself when you need to. Surviving until the end game without firing a shot is very doable, but if you don’t know how to use your weapons the best way, you won’t win much.

    2) Choose your landing position wisely.

    Most people will tell you to stay away from the big areas like Retail Row or Pleasant Park, however, it all depends on the game you’re in. Everyone is advising people to stay away from those popular areas. If everyone is following that advice, those areas will be empty, right? Decide your tactic before jumping. Will you dive down as quickly as possible, get first hand on weapons and stand your ground? Or will you aim for the outskirts and go for the sneaky approach. Always look around you while landing to see who’s around you.

    3) Get your shopping list.

    After landing you have a few priorities to take care of. Try to find an Assault rifle, Sniper rifle, Bandages and Shield potions. Shotguns definitely serve their purpose as well, although in my opinion, less beneficial than an Assault rifle.
    All other stuff you find are good as well of course, but could be more classed as luxury to help you forward.

    4) Get recourses to build. And don’t forget to build!

    If you come from PUBG you might actually forget about this but in Fortnite you can build walls, floors, slopes and roofs. It’s important to stock on wood, stone and metal early on. When getting jumped on by surprise, building a few walls for your protection might just save your life. It’s also very useful to build some walls when reviving.
    In the end game it’ll be vital to have these resources to build a base if needed.
    Also, don’t forget building can help you reach places you normally can’t. Think of reaching higher mountain tops with building slopes, or even build a pathway next to a mountain to avoid being exposed.

    5) Use headphones.

    Footsteps are loud in Fortnite Battle Royale. When paying attention to the sound around you, you might just get the advantage.
    The golden chests give an indistinct sound when nearby, so make sure you go and investigate.

    6) Learn the map.

    While it’s true that a chest spawn on a certain location isn’t guaranteed, you will definitely benefit if you know where to look a bit. Learn where chests most likely spawn and learn where the good loot areas are. Less popular areas offer loads of goodies as well. I’m working on a detailed map that I’ll discuss in a later video.

    7) You don’t NEED to kill.

    You’re not playing Deathmatch. This is about surviving. You don’t need to kill every person you see. If you’re not sure you’ll get a kill when you attack, you should either get into a better position or let them be all together. Hiding in a bush might not be the most elegant thing, but it can be a life saver.

    8) Use your pick when looting dead enemies.

    When NOT equipping your pick, you will pick up everything including weapons. Using your pick while looting will make sure you pick up all items apart from weapons. Once done you can start to swap out weapons.

    9) Movement and Crouching.

    Crouching will make your footsteps less loud and you’ll also have better accuracy with your weapons. Apply when needed.

    When running it’s a good idea to not always run in a straight line. Try to add some jumping to the mix. This will make you a harder target for lurking snipers. Same applies for when in combat. When in a close range duel with a shotgun, the odd jump might throw off somebody’s aim. It’ll also get you easier headshots if your aim is up to par.

    10) Do the extra mile for supply drops.

    Supply drops are the balloons that come down from the sky and land on the blue smoke. While they might seem far, it’s worth checking out as they will most likely hold something valuable. Protect yourself with some walls while waiting for one.

    11) Find a play style that works for you.

    There are 2 main tactics you can use. You can get to the middle of the circle as quickly as possible and stand your ground, or you can move along the edge of the circle.
    Both, or a combination of the two, work really good if executed well.

    12) Everything is destructible

    Think outside of the box. You don’t always have to use the front door. If you think people are camping inside a house, build some slopes and try an approach from the roof or smash your way in through a side wall. While not without risk, doing something unexpected will catch people off guard.
    Also, when people build cover and you’re well stocked on ammo or you have a rocket launcher or grenades, that cover can easily be destroyed and leave your enemy exposed.

    13) Use downed enemies as bait.

    When playing duo’s or squad it might be useful to not finish off that downed enemy straight away. Their teammates might go and try to revive which leaves them exposed. Perfect for a surprise attack.

    14) When safe, eliminate with pickaxe.

    When you downed somebody and the area is clear, safe your ammunition and finish off that poor soul with your pickaxe. He won’t mind.

    15) Aim for the bulls eye when collecting materials

    The bulls eye you see when smashing walls, tree’s, cars and what not are actually a little minigame. Hitting the bulls eye will do more damage and thus destroy the material quicker which means you make noise less longer.

    16) Height gives advantage.

    People building high stairs is something you’ll see often, and there’s a good reason. Height gives you a very big advantage in the game. It’s easier to shoot from a higher position and difficult for the person below you to get a good shot at you. At the same time you’ll have a better overview of the map.

    I do everything well I just panic so much when it's a 1 v 1 I could literally feel my heartbeat and I just choked and screwed up.


    • Johnny_SinsReal commented
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      bro i use to panic as well but just remember that high ground is most important once you got high ground on your opponent you can easily take him down with Assault rifles dont forget to build while in a 1v1 fight ! All The Best !

    Disagree with 2. Still much safier to land on some lonely house better near an edge of the island. I made top 5 without single fight like this. In towns its almost always gonna be few fights. Intresting stuff about bulls eye though. About height advantages: feel like you'll become more vulnerabal on heights cuz when ppl know you are there its like hunting season opening: many crosshairs will be on you. And when the storm will come closer, players with pleasure will be wait your descent. Heights more like for snipers.


    • Johnny_SinsReal commented
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      It means that which landing house you are going in a particular place ! Say if you and few enemies are landing Retail choose your house wisely so you get required weapons for combat !

    Could be a topic about placing items in certain order. It helps to fast switching which is vital sometimes. I myself prefer to slot primary weapon first (like AR or something versatile), then something for close range like shotgun, then long range and explosives, then meds and shields. Found that one good player XSOO playing like this too.


      I like this


        Running for the loot while waiting for the bus to launch. Then you can spend a solid 10-30 seconds practicing by dueling with people and you don't get taken out like in game. This made my close range shotgun and pistol skills a lot better.


          I have over 30 wins and I did none of these to get half of them


          • asdere12312 commented
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            can you help me to get a victory royale

          Originally posted by Kinkage View Post
          I do everything well I just panic so much when it's a 1 v 1 I could literally feel my heartbeat and I just choked and screwed up.
          Exactly the same, I need to work on not panicking. I can think thoughts like 'Die! You nasty blighter' and 'I want your guns!' to take my mind off panicking.


            i disagree with #3. I think shotgun is the most important weapon in the game because of the fact that most engages are within shotgun range and if it isn't you can force a shotgun range by pushing ramps/walls to your opponent.


            • Johnny_SinsReal commented
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              If you miss your first shot on enemy and enemy fires with assault rifle headshots then it is faster than shotgun and you die in no time . I've experienced it many a times and die against people whose aims with AR is perfect when I do got a shotgun !

            • BULLDOGG 82 commented
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            WhaaaatYouMean No.

            Use walls to reset fights. There should never be a reason for you to lose to someone with an AR at close range and if you do, best recognize the player with shotgun is a bad player.


              Good post, but have something about #11 to say. While being on the edge of the circle in the first and second storm can be okay at times, towards the end game its probably something you should avoid doing. When the circle gets smaller, people are going to try to take the high ground early for the ending. Being on the edge is the most dangerous place to be because if you get seen coming in late in the final circles, people are going to focus you down that have the height advantage already. Summed up it would be more beneficial to go take some high ground at the ending circles as soon as you can.


                Can someone help me get a victory royale? My user is Arthurtrue


                  I don't follow your logic in #2. The standard advice for beginners is to land in quiet unnamed areas so you have time to get weapons and mats unmolested. I haven't seen any evidence that players are actually doing this except me and and handful of others. Landing in quiet areas is still a useful tactic.

                  Item #3 will always get the most debate, especially weapons priority. This site has weapons stats from real games (kills, knock-outs, usage):

                  The top 3 are shotgun, rifle, SMG in that order. Obviously you have to find what works for you and that takes lots of game time.
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                    The thing is on mobile you it’s physically impossible to build instantly and control your sensitivity as it changes 90% of the time.


                      Nice tips for Fortnite