Device: iPhone 6s and Playstation 4
nick: Qwee_ and in playstation 4: Silhy1234

Please be on my cellphone for the fortnite and I had 4600 v-bucks and the playstation 8500 because when you buy on pc so do you even on your mobile and when the playstation so only on playstation and I rano bought Cuddle Team Leader and Love Ranger and Tat Axe, and Emote Star Power, and I figured out my 3498 v-bucks and playstation 4102 do not know what it is like a bug? I do not want to have problems and I do not want to get those skins through time for these stupidity. Please compare it to me somehow or fix the mistake where it happened I did not want to go for those skins. Just compare those v-bucks.

Thank you