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READ FIRST Before Posting a Bug Report for Save The World

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READ FIRST Before Posting a Bug Report for Save The World

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  • [OFFICIAL] READ FIRST Before Posting a Bug Report for Save The World

    • Before creating a bug report, be sure to visit the Community Issues Trello and Epic Games Network Status Page to be sure your issue isn't currently known
    • Submit a bug report in game. This is the only way we can get logs from consoles.
      • Open the game menu
        • On PC/Mac, press Esc
        • On PS4, press the touchpad
        • on XBox, press the Menu button
      • Select Feedback
      • Select Bug
      • Fill in the Subject and Body fields with your feedback
      • Select Send
    • When submitting a bug report, please copy and paste the bug reporting format below in your post and fill in as much information as you can
      • Platform:
      • PSN Name or Xbox Live Gamertag:
      • Issue:
      • How to reproduce:
      • Date first encountered:
      • What zone are you in? (Tutorial, Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, Twine Peaks)
    • If we ask you for logs, follow these steps.
      • Exit Fortnite
      • Navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Local\FortniteGame\Saved\Logs
      • Attach all logs found there to your post.
    Due to volume, we may close or delete any threads not adhering to these guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation!
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    I am pretty upset i have spent over 400 on the game probably more seeing how br i have 4 orange skins and 6 blue not including my pickaxes so my user name is likenunother and i am a playstation user and it all started about 2 weeks ago first a mild freezing leading to me haveing to double close my app once it hit checking entitlements... (must mean you hate me and im not entitled to play your game) to now not even being able to pass the checking entitlements idk what else to do i work constantly and i just have a little bit of time to play now im seriously thinking of going back to playing cod ww2 (****** game) all i want to know i guess is how can i fix this it is my weekend tomorrow and i have nothing to do help me out