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  • [OFFICIAL] Performance (FPS)

    Hi, I would need you to solve the problem with the performance (FPS) because the truth is very rare I have a PC with an I5 and 8GB of ram and I can not go even 30 fps fluid please we need to solve it

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    The I5 doesn't matter unless the CPU throttle (100% usage or close) and 8gb of ram is not enough windows 10 takes 2GB the game takes at least 4GB so it's almost at 100% usage, add 4gb to your computer to be safe (because small background programs takes the rams left and makes it throttle. )


    The biggest problem is your graphic card.
    This is what makes the frames of the game !
    I have an G4500 (Way worst than i5) and 8GB of ram (Same as you) but my GPU (graphic card) is a 780 Ti which was a good GPU at the time and still runs okay today, I'm getting a minimum of 60 FPS and average at 120.

    Get a 1060 of 6GB ( Be careful not a 1060 of 3GB ) and you're good to go my friend !