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Save the World Hitching/Lag again after patch


Save the World Hitching/Lag again after patch

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  • Save the World Hitching/Lag again after patch

    It seems the in game video hitching/stuttering along with the massive lag when another player joins the game has returned in STW.

    Also, in the Collection Book, when clicking on 'Heroes' the game locks for a few seconds as before.

    Not sure if the previous fix didn't get applied correctly to this build, but the performance problem seems to have resurfaced.
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    I have exactly that,but for the whole game,took me 10 min to get my research point,hit my lama and go for my weapon,it is so frustrating,the game just stop working after i go anywhere in the menu


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      Bad Patch Ever.....

      - Speech output in English
      - Round Endscreen Verbuggt
      - End of round only possible with ALT-F4

      You can not spill so much buck in a patch
      and that's not all bugs


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        Yeah same poor performance issues are back, it is as if the fix we got was reverted in this patch.

        Epic fail imo.


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          It's horrible caused me to crash to desktop and I had to alt+f4 to restart the game to rejoin and got **** for rewards. The hitching is as bad as before you fixed it with the last patch. I hope someone is working to fix this today and not next week.