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Missing items and squemes


Missing items and squemes

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  • [BUG] Missing items and squemes

    Hi guys, recently i have some problems in game, 1) i cant build, the walls and the other building squemes dissapeared, i need leave the mission and join again, 2) some materials and guns in game dissapeared. 3) some guns squemes dissapeared from mi stuff i have some that it isnt important but 2 are some of my favourite guns, it was the siegebreaker and the tiny instrument of dead, please help me with it because it have good stats and if u can i really want it back. i hope u can solve my problems as fast as you can.
    i send a message to a friend with thw stats of the guns. i will wrait it down:

    SiegeBreaker: lvl 5: +13.3 headshot damage
    lvl 10: +25.5 damage to slowed and snared targets
    lvl 15: +15% damage
    lvl 20 +20% damage
    lvl 25: weapon damage (Water)

    Tiny Instrument of Dead: lvl 5: +10% damage
    lvl 10: +45% crit damage
    lvl 15: +15% damage
    lvl 20: +20 damage
    lvl 25: weapon damage (Fire)

    mi in game name is: iTzTommy115.

    Thank You for your help.

    Best regards, Tomas Andrada.
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    You need to contact epic directly through their support email bc you should have been compensated. This will explain...