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Known Bugs After Patch V.2.2.0

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Known Bugs After Patch V.2.2.0

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  • Known Bugs After Patch V.2.2.0

    To our dismay, it appears there were some visual bugs introduced with V.2.2.0. Currently, we're investigating visual bugs associated with:
    • Larger UI
    • Larger Models
    • Energy Weapons
    • Incorrect Party Member Names

    Let us know everything we've missed that's new to this update. If you can, report these bugs in-game when you see them. It helps provide us more information so we can pinpoint the problem. We'll keep everyone posted with the latest updates.

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    ps4 pro black screen just bought brand new console psn support saying not my system or my console since NONE of my psn games not having any issues with black screen also anyone else having problems with EPIC GAMES not responding to any of players tickets plz let me know I'm really tired of this silence none since


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      PC. The textures of objects with animation effects like the blue glow, weapons etc.. are loading the effect as the top texture resulting in bright blue weapons and the blue glow with its lightning effect loading as a solid bright blue jagged texture instead of being translucent as per usual. character textures are turning invisible after a lighting effect is cast on them eg. an explosion. Quest items no longer have a glowing outline either.


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        My chat window vanishes as soon as a mission starts. It's fine out in menus, in the pregame lobby, and comes back in the post mission rewards screens. I can see everything that was said during the mission in the post game reward screen.

        It's every mission. I've verified install, updated GPU driver, and tried disabling SLI and stuff, nothing works.The chat interface just disappears for the duration of the mission


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          I haven't been able to play since your update yesterday. Both save the world and battle royale as once i load in it lags severely and I've emailed you guys, reported in game bugs, sent you a video on social media as proof and you guys haven't responded to me!!! It has been unplayable and its super frustrating. How do i get you guys to respond to me about this and sort it out?


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            Im not quite sure what to do as the game is totally unplayable for me right now :/ Please at least contact me with a solution to this issue


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              Ok since the update - after the first match it appears BR looses all its nice crisp super sampled image looking down at a height from the battle bus - only restarting the entire game resamples the image from the bus height only to be met with the same issue in the second match and onwards until ureset game , as you can see the distances are now blurred and has desampled the image from the bus height after first match played! Highly annoying .. this seems like graphical bug for Xbox one x because each time I restart the entire game the crisp and super sampled image is back in full crispness as was prior to this map update -second game later and onwards it’s back to distant blurriness like it was on my PS4 pro and how it was before the Xbox enhanced games patch.
              the first thing I notice when played BR on the Xb1 X for the first time was the crispness of the map image from the sky within the bus - you can see everything vividly

              weird **** man really wana enjoy these new locations but I can’t help to notice this it’s bugging me out - only reason why I buy the new console Is so I could play your enhanced game patch and be done with the blurry draw distances of the PS4 and old Xbox ...


              First match in - crisp and upscaled like it should be

              second match in - blurred and downsampled like it shouldn’t be

              Clips from the bus

              I restart game load into a new match - crisp and supersampled like it should be upon playing first match looking down from the bus I can see all nicely


              again - second match in and its back to old console and pre Xbox one x enhancement patch - blurred draw distance no crisp image from sky bus view which only restarting the entire game will fix - for one match then it’s back again etc etc etc etc

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              • Licktastic commented
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                yep this is extremely annoying! also idk if you have noticed but it is also effecting distance i can see while i am actually on the ground. also colors are extremely saturated and make seeing players at medium distance next to impossible at night time play.

              • Makin3n commented
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                Does some1 know how to fix this? I have same issue on PC.

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              Is anyone having a problem with lag and the any scope? I am on Mac, whenever I jump out of the bus I lag extremely hard until I get closer to the ground. Is this happening to anyone? Also whenever I find a sniper or a Assault Rifle with a scope, it glitches. When I try to scope I can't really aim, their are no lines or anything for me to aim in the scope. How do I fix this?


              • pierre485 commented
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                Also on Mac and i have the same problems

              • Tears of Alice commented
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                We need epic to fix this

              • Alienboss192 commented
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                I am having every single problem you stated there and I also have a 3.1 GHz mac

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              BR is showing some major signs of models being resized. Several of the building models are WAY bigger than they used to be. Or the player models are smaller. Almost noone believes me, but I was able to tell right away something is off


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                People keep appearing completely invisible in my games, I keep getting shot at and it seemingly seems from no where, also the sound is totally haywire for everything from gun shots to chest noise.


                • Mikel64 commented
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                  Same in StW, had a guy invisible but his gun was there, so it was a floating weapon the whole mission.

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                Shotguns continue to be unreliable in gun fights. A pump shotgun to the head 5 meters away constantly only deals 9 damage -_- its extremely frustrating


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                  In the Mac the epic launcher doesn't show the update size and it took about 15 GB for this update .
                  Also the game lagged whenever I jump out of the bus to about 5 FBS and when I land it return to 60 .
                  moreover all the snipers don’t have acrosshair and line when I scope.
                  Plz fix it plz


                  • Alienboss192 commented
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                    Same problems here

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                  Pls fix after the new map patch im laggin on eu server in a 160ms ping its completely unplayable i am playing in UAE


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                    trying to report bugs by clicking the following links in the forums never loads the page.


                    the only way to even get to this page is via the dev tracker or the stormchasing 101 redirect. meaning almost nobody is able to report a bug!

                    Just thought i would share a picture of the current major graphics issues i have had since the patch, to help you nail down the cause.


                    • LewZephyr commented
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                      Good point. I was thinking there was something wrong with my ISP trying to go to those links.
                      Yes the forum links are bugged.

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                    Same issue that has been around for months needs to be added to the list.
                    Freeze / Lag in PVE whenever Anyone joins a match. As well as when Day / Night cycle changes. Also when the Presents are looted causing lag but not as much as when the other two events occur.
                    No reason this should not be on every Bug list that is made.


                    • TheLoneRaver commented
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                      This is so **** annoying! I've lost count of the number of times I've been sent flying off a cliff because I was sprinting when a new player joined.