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buildings dont render #unplayable


buildings dont render #unplayable

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  • buildings dont render #unplayable

    there is a bug that buildings dont render.. for 40 seconds +/- when i land.
    verify the game or reinstall does not work so its something from the game, it happend sins the new map update and i posted a lot of thins on facebook, and im getting ****** of it that smaller bugs getting fixed while this big one does not.
    when i walk in the building or around it its blurred out and unplayable.
    so other people are getting guns i dont... with a bad start u cant play at all !!!! PLEASE FIX THIS **** BUGG

    greets HappyFaceNLD Click image for larger version  Name:	WhatsApp Image 2018-01-27 at 14.37.48.jpeg Views:	2 Size:	243.1 KB ID:	148456
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    me too :( i update from win7 to win10 then it happened


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      Yes, had same issue after patch.
      Issue seems to happen on first render, when doing parachute landing.

      for example, I was landing on Tilted tower and it took around 20 secs to render all textures in details. When i landed second time to same place it was all right. BUT THEN, I chose different landing spot and there was same texture render delay for some 20 secs.

      Bottom line, I think this issue happens on first time renders, after that textures are being cached locally, but still annoying.

      Best regards,


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        True happends in the first rendee time

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      I've had the same thing since the new update, it's a shame because I usually like to play this game quite a bit, just tried now in fact and for about 3 minutes after landing I was stuck in a non-loaded area of the map. Even worse is it never gets better no matter how many games i jump into. I hope they see everyone posting about it and fix it


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        I have the same problem, Ive tried going to the same spot at least 5 times to see if it would eventually render before I landed but that never happened :(


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          set your Frame Rate Limit to 60 or 120