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Issues on Xbox One


Issues on Xbox One

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  • Issues on Xbox One

    Hi everyone,

    i will show you a list of bugs or issues i recognize right now.
    I am playing Fortnite mostly PvE on NA-East and i am located in middle Germany on Xbox One S.

    - massive lags changing dependind on i don't know of what
    - You'll sometimes got stuck if you build up to an survivor standing in the middle while building the upper ground
    - Suddenly, randomly appearing freeze screens a few seconds (not every match, it seems to be random at all but breaking my nerfs)
    - in some matches the lags are that worth even in missions 82, 88, 94 or 100 that it's nearly impossible to play
    - it seems there are waves spawning, especially in the deliver the bomb mission, in no relation to the chosen difficulty; once we were a group of 2 and have had 7 Smashers at a time
    - lags seems to be changing from area to area; in brutal i had the feeling that wasn't that hard than in twine peaks
    - day-changing-freezes; at minute 2,54/2,53 at least every match it's appearing
    - felt like no players are available if you switch to Europe region because all europe players have switched to NA much earlier in game progression so it would be nesassary to check and put each player to its correct gaming region (only a suggestion)
    - you have to double click A if you want to get into the right survivor team at the selection
    - sometimes Players have Problems in joining an existing game; it says game is full or sort like that but it isn't full

    I think that was all i could remember for now. If i get to know any further bugs or issues, i will continue posting it here.
    Hope that helps a bit.

    Kind regards,

    Robin, GT: 'SchwandaPanz'
    Xbox One Gamertag: SchwandaPanz