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my SSD is missing


my SSD is missing

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  • my SSD is missing

    Hello all,
    I ran into some issues playing fortnite on ps4 today. Seems that all my buildings and traps are missing from my SSD, like a reset (all rocks and trees are back like the first day, only the pyramid and extensions are left).
    I have spent quite some time and resources to build this alone and was ready for the storm shield lvl 6 when i got disconnected from the server. after a few minutes, i could log back in but it's all missing. Thousands of materials and many traps (that took all my resources to build). It looks like my main progression is intact though.

    i have searched on the internet for similar issues but nothing in 2018, all i found was a reset due to a patch in summer 2017.
    Am I the only one having this issue?

    Is there a way to recover everything the way it was ? like a backup save?

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    i guess i was the only one. its been a week and no answer from anyone (devs or users). I have lost hours of my time to collect and rebuild everything. Dont know if next time i will have the patience to do this over again.