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Known Issues August 8 EA1.4 Update

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Known Issues August 8 EA1.4 Update

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  • [OFFICIAL] Known Issues August 8 EA1.4 Update

    Known Issues
    • Mouse cursor is sometimes invisible on PS4
    • Items that are removed from overflow as a result of slotting other items in the Collection Book are not able to be slotted into the Collection Book
    • Loot Llama quest completion has a delay after claiming Upgrade Llama loot
    • Skill tree videos do not load until second click
    • “Faster Exit” perk does not apply
    • “Bearricade” does not slow down enemy husks
    • Founders Emblem has 3 different names across the UI
    • Onboarding and Outpost cinematics do not obey volume sliders
    • BluGlo models sometimes stretch across the map
    • Both Dragon Slash! and Outlandish Trophy do not trigger on PS4 after purchasing the skill node
    • Player retains full character movement while chat is focused
    • When a tab within the Vault is selected, the first item in the tab is selected by default
    • Party members lose Play options when loading in and out of Storm Shield zone together
    • Amplifier outlines in the Storm Shield are visible even when not they aren't intractable
    • Players are not brought from the Map to the Lobby if the Main Menu is open
    • Bull Rush's damage and knockback don't activate right away
    • Players have to click Apply and Close after changing their Banner
    • Bluglo is not saved for players that Rejoin a game in progress from the Abandon / Rejoin menu
    • Keyboard and Controller not bound to chat when chat window is active
    • Earning the Exploration Badge does not reveal Survivors that have not been found
    • Console users do not have the option to remove hats from heroes
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