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Something under construction! :D


Something under construction! :D

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  • Something under construction! :D

    First of all I'd like to point out that it can never be completly built because of natural obstacles. I'm having a lot of fun building it and I hope to finish it sometime soon.

    Stairs are done on 4 sides. I still have 3 sides to build and then all of them to upgrade. I think it looks awesome, and I love it that its colossal like that. It will probably not be functional in terms of defence but I'll try to figure something out. Hope you enjoy the veiw like miself. Please do commewnt your thoughts.

    UPDATE 1:
    View from the inside:
    View from top of it:
    Side view:

    Now all it needs is some a finishing touch and loads of bricks :D
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    I like that you are going with such a big scale!
    The buck stops here.


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      Thanks. I've done some math and i'll need 24k bricks in total and that's just for the outside hahaha.

      EDIT: I wanted to go for Taj Mahal but without domes it wouldn't be the same.