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Chicken Dinner Skin + more ideas


Chicken Dinner Skin + more ideas

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    Chicken Dinner Skin + more ideas

    You are down to the last guy, its a 1v1 situation. You are not that experienced and never won a game so your heart is beating faster and faster, adrenaline is pumping. You manage to catch him in the corner of your eye at the edge of your screen. He is hiding behind a tree but you know he sees you so you start to rush him, you are getting close to him as you switch to the green pump. He peaks and starts taking shots at you and manages to land a few hits knocking you down to half hp. There is no you start panicking "What do I do, what do I do" you think to yourself. "BUILD!" You lay down a ramp and keep maintaining your rush. You jump off the top of your ramp in range of him. He hits you one more time but you are not giving up! You take a shot landing it on his head......... VICTORY! You have won your first game of Fortnite Battle Royale.

    We have all been there in our first battle royale game. It is a heart wrenching situation. When you finally get that first win its one of the best feelings a video gamer can get, but enough of that. I am here to present a idea I have had about a skin concept revolving around getting that Victory, The Chicken Dinner skin. What a better idea than run around the battlefield in a chicken costume? I dont know if there is one! The picture attached is just a quick concept art to what I think it should/would look like. I really hope to hear back from Epic about this idea.

    My last idea is a little absurd. I know vehicles would change the game dramatically but I have been thinking of a way to add a somewhat comical side to allowing it. Creating a item called "Portable Unicycle" where it is a 1 use item that takes a 2-3 second cast (bike bell noise) where your character jumps on a unicycle and has a movement speed increase of 50-70%. You cannot shoot while on it and it would only last 6-10 seconds. If you want cancel it you can but with an additional cast so you cant make it a rushing item. If something like that was successful the idea could even link into a tandem bike so squad/duo games that has a little different perks. Imagine running from the storm with your teammate and he flies by you on a unicycle lol. Idk I would LOVE to hear back from epic like I said previously, you guys created the perfect battle royale and I am glad you guys got so successful.

    On the side note I am still waiting for my Ceez skin jk jk

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