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Another OTT Stormbase


Another OTT Stormbase

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    Another OTT Stormbase


    Apologies for the partially upgraded pieces, they freak me out too.

    Fully functional almost fully afk Stormbase, loads of launch pads to navigate.

    I've removed quite a few unnecessary traps after testing it against the later SSDs, and I've replaced some of the spikes with a floor launcher (mainly under all the slanted tiles), but it's pretty much as shown. I keep running my last SSD and quitting before the end just to be able to play it, real shame you can't replay mission defenses.

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    I love an ott storm base. Looks great. And I agree you should be able to replay ssd's. I sugested Ssd simulations upto and including the next one in your quest list so you can test out your base. I'm sure Ray could set up some kind of hologram or VR sim.


      Why do the beacons and storm shield look like disabled crabs?
      Now this is a story all about how Fortnite got flip turned upside down,
      And I'd like to take a minute just sit right there,
      I'll tell you all about the release of BR in September.

      First Play Date: 21st July 2017(Pre Order Bonus)

      -----Day 0 Player-----


        Never mind the sour puss above , awesome great creative work


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          It was a serious question, snow flake.