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Fortnite Community Podcast Feat. MONSTERDFACE Ep14


Fortnite Community Podcast Feat. MONSTERDFACE Ep14

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  • Fortnite Community Podcast Feat. MONSTERDFACE Ep14

    Checkout the latest episode of the Fortnite Community Podcast featuring MonsterDFace, we had a great time having him on and talking to him about his journey as partnered streamer and content creator!

    If you listen to the show please leave some feedback and let us know what you like and dislike and if you have any ideas to make this podcast a better show for the community.

    Thanks for everyone's support so far! This community is the best!

    - Troy (Aka TwoLoudTX)
    Gaming Podcast covering Epic's video game Fortnite...

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    Isnt this podcast all about battle royale? It shouldn't be advertised in the save the world forum.


    • Davethebuck commented
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      The Fan Made section serves both Save the World and BR! Great art can come from either game mode and it should all be presented together :)

    • ClintParis commented
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      Incorrect - fan made is in the save the world section of the forums, I'm pretty sure battle royale has it's own section although I don't care enough to check lol

    • TwoLoudtx commented
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      We actually have dedicated episodes to both SAVE THE WORLD and BATTLE ROYALE. If you guys have any ideas for a show, especially something you would like to hear covered on STW let us know. Thanks for all the support!