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Build for TEDDY - suggestions?


Build for TEDDY - suggestions?

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    Build for TEDDY - suggestions?

    Any suggestions for a good build for TEDDY? Enforcer Grizzly used to be a viable option but now any TEDDY builds I try seem to be quite underpowered compared to soldier builds I use. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Until Epic cnahge the enforcer perk to 2 tiles and 30% snare and allow us to use 2 team perks and introduce one with 3 seconds duration per squad member assigned there aren't any great builds

    the best ive found is Trailblazer Quinn with Ventura Ramirez and Staredown Southie in support, i have to use my other 3 slots for my shock tower which they also nerfed massively, the Enforcer perk of a measly 4 seconds isn't worth xxxx, when with either Reclaimer you used to have an additional 15 plus greater damage plus 20% ability damage in your support slot and a way more powerful shock tower than you can make using 3 support perks

    Epic need to address the power and duration of Teddys and Shock towers and bring back Diamond Llamas and Ammo Llamas they nerfed the xxxx out of Outlanders on the rework and Constructors to a lesser degree and gave Ninjas and soldiers MASSIVE buffs

    If they done that and left Outlanders and Constructors as powerful as they were all hero classes would be about even and no-one would be complaining or leaving to play other games because they though the rework was a ***** move to make STW gameplay more like Battle royale when most STW players i know like(d) STW because it was a very different style of play to BR

    i played BR seasons 2-5 inclusive, got STW for BR skins, tried it and haven't played a single game of BR since, if Epic keep trying to make STW more like BR i'll also stop playing it altogether and not even consider any future Epic releases, i'll play for probably another month, if Epic don't balance the heroes out by then and give the Outlanders and Constructors their power and missing perks back, i'm off
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      Agree, STW playstyle is getting more close to BR every patch. I'll stop playing if it keeps going this way and I'm sure they are not going to change the course because some of us will leave the game.


        Originally posted by ZEROTOLLER View Post
        Any suggestions for a good build for TEDDY? Enforcer Grizzly used to be a viable option but now any TEDDY builds I try seem to be quite underpowered compared to soldier builds I use. Any advice would be appreciated.
        enforcer or trailblazer main

        enforcer or trailblazer
        old glory ac
        fragment flurry
        ventura ramirez
        staredown southie

        i use one two punch currently as team perk because I can phase punch phase punch phase punch etc to farm.

        Thats the strongest teddy build available at the moment. Videos out there show enforcer and trailblazer are about equal on damage. Enforcer last longer but trailblazer does more damage. In the end it’s a close tie.
        i do hope they come out with more teddy supports or a teddy team perk to make up for snare and one for diamond llama soon.
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          This has been working well for me. Good damage and a steady stream of Teddy


            Personally i think they nerfed Outlanders way too much and didn't need to at all with the buffs they gave soldiers and Ninjas

            i think because Grizzly was so popular, taking away his 8 tiles and 30% snare was equivalent to taking away Master Grenadier's grenades

            they should make Grizzly's commander perk 2tiles and 30% snare and his support perk 1 tile and 15% snare

            and belatedly give Outlanders a proper x5 team of 2.5 seconds per Outlander in the squad

            The very best and many players favourite Outlanders and Constructors got completely deconstructed and nerfed while the very best ninjas and soldiers retained their key perks and had them buffed


              My Teddy build could be a little stronger, but i'd have to drop one of my 3 shock tower supports, as both were nerfed pretty drastically and i've always used both in combination that's not going to happen as my conbination is the closest i can get to what i had before, all i need now is a great Outlanders team perk with extra seconds near to the 15 i had before not a miserly 4 seconds and i'm happy, stilll less powerful than before if Epic give us that perk, but not by much

              My shock tower build rocks for dealing with shielders on solo Storm chests in private


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                My shock tower definitely suffers on my loadout. it’s all TEDDY, but pre 8.0 I wasn’t using shock tower at all, just TEDY and punch so I don’t miss it.
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