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Which survivor squad trait to get?


Which survivor squad trait to get?

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  • Which survivor squad trait to get?

    Im an outlander/ninja main and im finally finding myself leveling up my constructor just for storm shield expansions.

    My question is what survivor squad bonus should I get?

    Right at this moment I have 20% ability dmg and 5% melee dmg.

    Reason for this is Ninja’s dragon slash cools down every 10 sec and clears out almost all mobs for me (with this build) except for blasters and smashers.

    Should I keep this and stick to Legend sarah hotep ninja+ Legend llama ninja/mythic outlander squad (mob wipe) / outlander+mythic outlander/llama ninja squad (resource runs/objective construction help)?

    Also I found out that B.A.S.E. (constructor skill) dmg relies on TECH and ability dmg.

    I’m confused as to where I should put my focus on.


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    One thing that is sorely missing from Fortnite is the ability to have different squads for different hero setup. That way if you wanted to play ninja, you could load your melee bonus squad configuration and when playing constructor you'd load your tech bonus squad and when playing outlander you'd probably want to load a ranged damage bonus squad.

    My personal setup was to put 3 ranged + 4 shield in each squad. Even when I play Ninja, they still use ranged weapons from time to time, so that's not completely wasteful.

    One day I'd like to try a tech bonus squad, to see what boosted traps can do.


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      Im happy to finish one group of squads with crappy skills ( almost all my survivor of higher grade has only trap durabilty ).