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    What are some great heros? Currently I have a purple ninja level 11 (2 Star).

    Mainly wanting to learn if I’ll get a better hero after stonewood or just keep upgrading mine to the max.

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    You will continue getting more hero's as you play.

    From quest rewards, daily log in and llama's you get from just playing.

    Some time in december they are introducing a way to upgrade your hero rarity meaning you'd be able to turn your ninja into a legendary. I don't know how that will happen yet but i'm guessing it will involve a grind of some sort.

    Anywhoooo, different people have varying ideas on what is a good hero but personally i'd say go with what matches your playstyle. I have a few and switch around depending but I love Sarah Hotep and Marine Corpse Ramirez. Those I use for missions and Pathfinder Jess for farming.

    You'll just have to see what you like as you get more hero's but don't trash any green or blue ones you like hoping for an epic or legendary, as I said, you'll be able to upgrade them soon.