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Demolish all your completed Storm shields


Demolish all your completed Storm shields

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    Demolish all your completed Storm shields

    Went through and did this last night, got loads of trap mats and building mats

    Bacon, herbs,Quartz, Rough ore, planks, Char black etc

    have fun rebuilding all of them up in Season9:
    Quote from the Roadmap:
    "Finally, Season 9 will be including some significant changes to your Storm Shield which opens the door for a new game mode, particularly focused on Storm Shield Defenses. We’ll have more details for you as we approach the new season. We’re also bringing back a highly requested weapon set around this time so be on the lookout! ????"


      I was actually okay with demolishing my SSDs in Stonewood, Plankerton, and Canny. My trap setups were pretty bad. (I think between my son and I we had spammed every surface with spike traps in Stonewood)

      If I have to rebuild for the new content, then great! It gives me something new to plan vs playing the same 10 missions over and over again, then i'll be happy.
      I wish Save the World had a Poop Emoji Gun to shoot people who beg for resources...Go Farm!


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        Editing a comment
        If replayable SSDs are part of what's coming, that'll be really fun to go through from the beginning doing "tower defense-only" runs.

      actually i reconsidered it on a 2nd thought and demolished all my SSDs in Stonewood, Plank and Canny.

      Because i now have upgraded, perked up traps and the knowledge how to funnel properly, i dont need that many funnels anymore and most of those were low PL traps anyways.
      And becaused they got used almost up (need a refresh anyways), i teared them down.

      So for the new content all main Shields and Amps are plain build 3x3 with a roof and then i now just wait what the new SSD challenges are.