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Ability damage calculation


Ability damage calculation

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    Ability damage calculation

    In-game, there are many abilities that tell us exactly how much damage they will do, but there are also a lot of abilities that only tell us the "base" damage, which isn't especially helpful.

    I came across this formula for ability damage on the Fortnite wiki:
    (Base Value x Hero Modifier) x Tech + (Base Value x Hero Modifier)
    However, it's inaccurate as-is, and is very vague on what the variables are exactly.

    I was able to reverse-engineer the damage of Dragon Slash on three widely different ninja builds, and have come up with a more detailed formula for ability damage. This has been accurate to within one decimal place normally, but slightly off if there's a specific ability modifier in play (like Dragon Scorch's 25% boost to Dragon Slash). The formula I've come up with is this:

    (Base Damage x Hero Modifier x (1 + Ability Modifier)) x Tech/100 + (Base Damage x Hero Modifier x (1 + Ability Modifier) x (1 + Survivor Bonus)

    Now, to explain the terms:
    • Base Damage is original value of the ability, with no modifiers. Base damage values for abilities can be found on the wiki here:
    Or on StormShield.One:
    • Hero Modifier is the combined value of your equipped heroes' Hero Ability Damage values. It can be seen in the "See All Stats" section of the Command tab in the main menus. Convert it to a decimal value in the formula.
    • Ability Modifier is a value that directly affects the ability in question. (Dragon Scorch's 25% increase to Dragon Slash damage, or Trailblazer's 30% increase to T.E.D.D.Y. damage, for example.) Again, convert it to a decimal value.
    • Tech is your Tech stat, viewable in the same screen as Hero Ability Damage, and a few other places in the game. Tech increases ability damage by 1% per point of Tech, so it's divided by 100 in the formula to account for that.
    • Survivor Bonus is the total value of completed Ability Damage Bonus sets in your survivor squads. Convert it to decimal.
    Now, for an example of the formula in use: My Dire build says it does 49,127.7 Dragon Slash damage. Dire himself has a Hero Ability Damage value of 12.8, but my support heroes add to that, too. In the "All Stats" menu, it says my Hero Ability Damage is 1677%, so my Hero Modifier is 16.77. (This value has been rounded to two decimal places, so 16.766 will make the end value slightly more accurate for this example.) There are no perks in this loadout that affect Dragon Slash damage directly, so the Ability Modifier is 0. My Tech is 2,433, and I have three sets of 5% Ability Damage Bonus in my survivor squads, which makes my Survivor Bonus .15.

    Put all that into the formula, and we have:
    (115 x 16.766 x (1 + 0)) x 2433/100 + (115 x 16.766 x (1 + 0) x (1 + .15)
    Simplified, that's:
    (115 x 16.766) x 24.33 + (115 x 16.766 x 1.15)
    Which comes out to 49,127.7332 Dragon Slash damage.

    Also of note, while searching for this information, I found this post on Reddit with weapon damage calculation:

    My head hurts. Can you plug all of this into a spreadsheet?
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