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Sin's Guide: Retrieve The Data


Sin's Guide: Retrieve The Data

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    Sin's Guide: Retrieve The Data

    Retrieve the Data

    Hello fellow Commanders! Hope you’re all doing good, enjoying the holidays, and defending the forts from the husks!
    I have here a guide for you all
    (for those who are new to the game and for those who are not).
    Many Commanders decide to build a box around the landing site on the “Retrieve the Data” mission,
    sometimes with a two story box even! and it just makes me shake my head. But anyways, let’s get to business shall we?
    Find The Landing Site
    Check/Find Balloon Landing Side
    Build Half of The Fort
    Defend The Landing Site

    Finding The Landing Site
    Some Commanders know this, but many do not. (I know from experience).
    In order for you to find the landing site, all you have to do is look up to sky and you’ll see it.
    Run towards the direction of the balloon in the sky and you’ll find it!
    This is a must-know since you get a bonus for finding it before cute little Ray does,
    and you don’t have to run around the map!
    (Sucks when you’re a Constructor…)
    In the forest areas it may be a little bit challenging finding it hence the trees.

    Check/Find Balloon Landing Side
    Now, this may be the trickiest part of it all, but once you do this a few times,
    you’ll be a pro!
    As you can see the balloon will be landing on this side of the landing site.
    It will not land on the middle! Maybe many of you Commanders build a big box around it because you may think it will land in the middle, but I assure you, it will not.
    Now, if you’re not totally sure which side it will land on since you found the landing site so fast, you can go and gather more resources if you need, explore the map for the badge
    (Do it for the trophy! Hope you get the reference… ), or wait till the balloon is low enough for you to see which side it will land on.
    I made something so you all can understand better of what I’m referring to.

    Build Half of The Fort
    If you’re totally sure about the side of the balloon landing, get to building!
    Put up two walls, 3 floors, and 3 ceilings.
    Do not worry! We’re not leaving the landing site exposed like that.
    Put all the traps you want and get ready for the balloon to land!
    Your fort doesn't have to look exactly like mine, you can put different traps as well.
    For the next part, make sure you have enough traps made and upgrade the walls because you’re going to have to act fast; otherwise, the husks will corrupt the data!

    Defend The Landing Site!
    Once the balloon lands, it will be exposed to husks!
    So you’ll have to act fast and put the missing walls, floors, and ceilings.
    Make sure to upgrade the walls to max level and put the rest of the traps.
    Have fun and defend the landing site from those husks.
    Data will be easier to defend.
    Since the fort is a 4v1, you will not have to run around so much fixing other walls.
    Less resources used.
    You didn’t build a big box around the data, nor a two story box; therefore, you did not
    have to upgrade so many walls/floors, thus saving more resources.

    Issue with Utility/Building Bar.
    Since you did not build a big box or a two story box, the Utility/Building Bar may not reach Platinum. (You can make a kill-room for the husks or make more traps/ammo for the next mission, it helps to fill the Building/Utility Bar ;x so it isn't much of a con.. )

    I hope you guys enjoy this guide as much as I did writing it, please let me know what you think about it. Any opinions or suggestions are welcome!
    Mama Sin out !
    Achievement Locked - Pet All The Doggos

    Pictures are missing. Checking baloon is good advice ,sometime on big maps u need to move around to see him even in the sky. My main problem is ppl tend to believe that shooting is enough and dont build bases or add traps:-( Also the weakest people tend to shot balon down ,before you get back after building base and recollecting some resources.


      Honestly, while this is probably all good advice in terms of smart building, RTD is one of the easiest missions to defend and even a 2 stry box will do fine iof your team is competent.

      Also, your images aren't working and the font/colour you chose is annoying to read. Please just use the default font style/colour in future. It was selected or a reason.


        If you are in the grasslands and there is alot of trees, i always try to go up to the highest point there and if that fails, then i build a ramp up to get over the trees to see - if in the city or suburb .. try climbing up onto a roof to find that balloon

        .... some people can't see the balloon because of draw distance as well ...