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The mimic guide

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  • The mimic guide

    So if you want to find a mimic, you should go to a 15+ zone. I find them much easier to find in cites
    once you enter the city, go to the roof of a tall building, and build across to others. It is almost garenteed that you will find one on the rooftops.
    look for a tier 3 chest that has different music , and shakes and laughs when you open it. Now to kill it. Drop it from the sky, but not off the map (if you want the rewards) or you can do a few shots from an explosive weapon, or shurikens from a shuriken master preferably with extra ability damage or high tech. They usually drop a high amount of resources (quartz, wood, planks and twine, stone, ore and mineral powder and metal, nuts and bolts and mechanical parts) you can get 300 vbucks from toxic treasures in total, as well as an achievement. Also, the first new chest you find after talking to the quest survivor will be a mimic (or the evil thing with massive teeth) I don’t know if mimics can have elements.

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    Dont try to build around ( there is a explosion after his activating ). Try to use higher grounds even on objects ( u can stay on those airconditiones on roof, big stones in caves etc. ). They need to destroy that object before they attack you. If you play ninja don´t forget use slow from smoke bomb to reload your weapon. Be carefull when fighting near edge of map ( my reward fall out of map ).