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Which bonus is better? Który bonus jest lepszy ?


Which bonus is better? Który bonus jest lepszy ?

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    Which bonus is better? Który bonus jest lepszy ?

    Wiem że to głupie ale muszę się dowiedzieć który co jest lepszy :D
    Co jest lepsze:
    Zwiększyć maks. poziom osłony o 10% czy 10% więcej zdrowia czy 8% więcej odporności na obrażenia?
    I know it's stupid but I have to find out which one is better:D What is better: Increase the maximum cover level by 10% or 10% more health or 8% more damage resistance?

    Going to assume by cover you mean your Shield on that assumption you can think of it this way:
    Shields regenerate to maximum after a delay so you get 10% more that can constantly be restored.

    Health only regens to a point on it's on so you're only getting about 30% of that additional 10% that can Regen on it's on, yes you can use the Healing Utility, but that has a decent cooldown and healing heroes are NOT based on your maximum Health. With that said Health tends to be larger, but you don't get to 're-use' it with impunity like you do with Shields.

    Damage Resistance is effectively 8% boost to Shields AND Health so you get the full benefit of being able to Regen your full Shield and you can Regen that 30% of your Health as well.

    So since 8% Damage Resistance is effectively 8% Shield and 8% Health it's pretty firmly the "best". Out of Shield vs Health I'd take Shield over Health since it Regens on it's own you'll likely end up with net more damage able to be taken over the duration of a match with Shields than Health.