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Founder's weapons - can the schematics be recycled?


Founder's weapons - can the schematics be recycled?

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  • Founder's weapons - can the schematics be recycled?

    My friend bought the Deluxe version (one step up from normal) and according to this post that comes with the 3 rare starter weapons (which I assume actually means a weapon schematic).

    Are these the same schematics that you can, through quests, upgrade to legendary rarity?

    Are these schematics recyclable?

    We're afraid that my friend may have recycled them because they're blue without knowing that there were quests to upgrade their rarity.

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    I ended up answering my own question.

    The Founder's schematics that you can upgrade cannot be recycled, and further, when you do get the upgraded versions of the schematic, you can't even recycle the old ones (Rare, Epic).

    It is not possible to recycle a schematic that has quests to upgrade it.


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      Founder's schematics CAN be recycled. The Revolt, Drumroll, Quickshot, Deconstructor, Blazing Masamune, and Nocturno cannot, but it's not because they're Founder's items it's because they're permanent items. Something that you got out of the Founder's Llamas like a Founder's Vendetta can be recycled the only difference between it and the normal Vendetta is the reduction in cost of Rotating Gizmos a trait that the Deluxe Edition items and Revolt share however it's only the Rare and Epic versions of the Deluxe Edition items that get any benefit from the Founder prefix as a Legendary version costs the same as any other legendary items hence the Nocturno being exclusively a legendary does not get.

      Permanent items don't take up space in your vault so there is no real reason to want to recycle them save to get back the exp you've invested in them, but you can keep them at lower levels for use when you backplay. Events cap to the maximums of the region to which they share the power of and it's kind of a waste to burn a better weapon in those events so you could keep the Rare version at level 20 for use in Stonewood areas and you may find you want to keep the Epic version up with the Legendary version or even use the Epic version and use a different Legendary version to get that Rotating Gizmo discount and use your Active Powercells on something better since the Deluxe Edition items honestly aren't that good. The differences between Legendary and Epic schematics isn't that high unless the Legendary has a good 5th perk the Epic simply doesn't get then the gap can be larger, but the Deluxe Edition's perks are pretty sub-par over all and in particular Blazing Masamune's Legendary Perk is next to useless so the Epic is pretty much just as good as the Legendary.

      It's cheaper to level lower rarity items so if you want to be prudent with schematic experience and still have a maximum effective item for each event that reverts you can make use of Uncommon and Rare for use in those lower regions where things are capped. 20 is the cap for Stonewood so you could use an uncommon there to avoid using Rotating Gizmos or Active Powercells as well as only minimal investments in schematic experience. Rare could be used for Plankerton and left at Malachite where level 30 is the maximum effective level. Epic and Legendaries can be used in any area and are inter-changable with each other really using different ingredients with relatively comparable performance between them though you shouldn't really have issues getting crafting resources so you should be fine only using Legendaries, but you have the option to have a few things that use Gizmos if you want to be safe.