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    Founders Packs

    Hi. I’ve just brought the super deluxe founders pack and was wondering how I get all the bonus content it came with?

    Hi EEBoow! Welcome to Fortnite!

    How you access the content depends on the content itself:

    - The Rare Weapon Starter Pack, Exclusive Founders Pistol, Starter Hero Pack, Exclusive Defenders, come in Loot Pinatas for you (I think) but it doesn't come until after you complete a specific story quest. Either that or they appear directly into your storage....I can't remember honestly. Either way these might not show up until you unlock all of the side/bonus quests.
    - The Bonus Pinata packs: The 5 immediate pinatas you can get from the Loot tab. You should see that you have 5 available llamas for you. Again, might require completion of the quest line a little bit before you see you have 5 free packs you can claim.
    - The Daily Loot and Exclusive Founder's Loot packs: These are handed out to you daily as part of your daily rewards. When you login, you'll see you get a standard daily reward, and then X amount of Founder's reward packs that you get to claim each day as part of being a founder.
    - Your Friend Code is available from the drop-down menu
    - The 100 Vault Slots are automatically applied. Vault Slots determine how many people/schematic cards you can hold on your account.
    - In-game Banner icons appear in the banner list, which you change by going to the drop-down menu, and highlighting your name.
    - Founder's Chat Channel appears in chat immediately, you can toggle between Global and FC.
    - XP Boosts, you'll see these XB boosts applied to your account immediately. If you open the drop-down menu and select BOOSTS! you can see how many you have and apply them to yourself or people in your party.
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